Are RMT bots & child accounts being fully removed?

Are SEGA just banning the account that is running around doing the RMT sales or are they deleting accounts related to the bots?

It doesn't take much to create these bots to run around. But what about the account that holds all the money? Probably holding a load of items on the markets too?

Is there any actual active tracking going on to see when the Meseta is going and banning accounts that are controlling or are being controlled by the bot accounts?

Sadly we will never know because Sega will say nothing. Then again, this is the one issue many companies don't talk about, anyway.

To be fair, it is pretty much impossible to remove those spam bots due to the fact that it is too easy to apply for new accounts using automated scripts. Even though it is GMs' job to ban those spam bots, the sheer number just make it impossible.

However, I do wish all buyers get cracked down, it should be easier to track down buyers, especially the ones selling cheap items like grinders or red meats for unreasonable prices. You don't even need to ban them, say if they buy 1M Meseta, just deduct 2M from their account, the number can go below zero. They need to earn Meseta legitimately to make up for their mistake in order to use basic functions like trade.

The bots selling an inordinate amount of items on the markets for a price that makes it hard for others to sell things, is something that SEGA would be actively wanting to fix isn't it?

If the market is broken because of bots, then it makes the whole game unplayable. And with SEGA messing with the market themselves, not letting people sell things etc. it makes it even worse.