Thinking of starting fresh.

But have a lot of things stored in my storage for grinding and just figured out how to get stuff for crafting things but haven't started doing it yet but the reason why i copied a build to use for my gunner but now feel like i didn't earn where i got at with her which is lvl 63. And not sure when i will get reset ticket again fresh out but will have 2 slots open for making characters so need advice.

Let me understand. You have a gunner and you tried resetting and followed a skills guide and now you are doing less damage or overall performing worse than before? First, what's the sub class and can you link the build you copied?

As for reset tickets. I don't know about those, but I heard a single class variant existed in JP, so hopefully we will get something similar in the near future.

I do fine on dmg just me copying build makes me feel like i didn't do this on my own so i more or less like doing things with what i chose and hope it works for me so where i feel like i made it on my own without cheating that is what it feels like to me anyway. and the build is this

at the end of the day you gonna end up copying the build of another person, you see the skills that give straight out a stat are mostly not worth it because is a static value while the others are percentage based so if you want to do damage you always gonna go for percentage based skills and in classes like Gunner that are focused mostly in 1 type of weapon this ends up being a little worse for not having much freedom of choices, still you don't need to start fresh you can just choose to play a different class or use a different subclass what those guides offer are just the most efficient combination

I'd suggest not starting fresh. Every new episode release will typically come with a tree reset ticket for each of your characters. I'd just hold out for those.

Seems most games that allow people to choose or edit their characters end up having a meta. Be it by a little margin over the rest, or a totally broken OP build that destroys everything else. People will usually be looking for and recommending these same "winner" setups everywhere. PSO2 has a meta for each class and sub as well, but it allows people some freedom to add or remove things to suit their play style.

So my recommendation is, unless completely clueless and willing to play something that is not you, check those builds online but add your own flair and style to them. Perhaps you won't need that +10 to attack but you want to buff your defense or your utility. So don't be shy to deviate a little bit so long as the build remains relevant, but you can also have fun playing with it. Because in the end, the main purpose of a game you play not for profit, is to have fun.

As a note, make sure you have 3 characters created and we should get skill tree reset passes on the 30th with episode 5.