Affixes for Hero

So what kind of stats should we exactly be shooting for with hero since they use Sword, Tmg, and Talis? Is it best to go for affixes that give stats in all or to go into purely attack or range or tech?

I would say focus on the weapon you want to main and build that atk but if you got the money by all means invest in all three types of atk and thanks to Hero mag you will gain 200 of all atks from having any type of atk in your mag stats.

so far affixed a back piece with alles di soul, mutation 2, arks max, and grace stam. Nothing great and i usually don't use stams but didn't really wanna burn any other pp/2-3's on this one. though its dmg on mel,rng,and tec is at 65 so pretty low. Not really sure which of the 3 hero weps are strongest to go into so wasn't sure what to commit to yet lol

Most will main sword. You can chain all 3 but since TMG will probably be nerfed until the Hero upgrade later on, it’s probably best to choose Talis or Sword.

They have their own PAs but they all chain into each other.

i didnt know that about the tmg's bein nerfed 😮 i may go more into melee then if thats the case, thank you ^^

@Tri-Edge It's not that they are nerfed, it's just that we don't know what balance patch we will be getting, so it is possible that we won't have the one from June 10th 2020 that buffed TMGs.

Also you must consider the September 16th 2020 patch that eased the barrier into playing Hero since the other 3 classes have an easy entry while Hero doesn't. Personally for me gonna wait till Phantom since I love playing that class but probably will end up a Luster main in the end of it all xD