Deus Esca Zephirot

According to the lore of PSO2 Episode 4, who does Deus Esca represent?

Is he supposed to represent like, the God almighty Yahweh from the bible if I'm correct? And also, who does Mother (That woman who runs Mother corps) represent from the bible?

Mother was just a failed Xion clone with a chip on her shoulder. Deus was basically a very big phantasm who was supposed to play God but ended up more like the Gnostic Demiurge.

Just because Adam and Eve canonically exist in PSO2 and Adam summoned a phantasam version of Abraham's god doesn't mean everything in Episode 4 is a biblical reference...

@RedDingo7777 Pretty sure gnostisim isn't the only religion that treats Abraham's god as a misguided control freak that Satan (or in this case, the angel Satanael) rightfully rebels against, in fact not every version of gnostisim itself views Abraham's god as malevolent (and unless I am mistaken, the main branch seems to be under the belief that Satanael rebelled against the Demiurge solely because it wasn't the true god).