Microsoft Store PSO2 Page Has Been Updated

Will people no in north America be able to see the download as well? I have a friend in south America who wants to play this game as well.

@Penquin-Party since it's not region locked I would assume so?

@Rantious said in Microsoft Store PSO2 Page Has Been Updated:

@Penquin-Party since it's not region locked I would assume so?

It isn't region-locked, but Store content is normally set to show only for those in selected countries. Unless they publish the game with all countries selected, it will probably only show for NA.

Can screenshot what the item names that are attached to those prices? thx

@Penquin-Party We have to change the system settings to see the US Xbox marketplace. Go to System - Language & location and set Location to United States. That would work I think 🙂

It's in the Microsoft store on the Xbox as of right now. I'm downloading it as we speak. 68.76GB

And a 1.76Gb update for CB participants who still have it downloaded.

Also, here is the official Microsoft Store link:

Now that the official page is live, The System Requirements seem to show the PC System Requirements, as well, though it obviously lists the OS as XBOX One since the PC version isn't available yet. It also looks like the game is launching an hour later tommorow, unless they messed up on the Store listing, since it says that it starts March 17 at 18:00 PDT, which is 6PM PDT, rather than the social media announced March 17 at 5PM PDT.

Well my download just went from 100mb/s to 400kb/s thank you people... Lol

@Leonkh99 is there any update on a release date

@ClearDeku1021 No update on the release date yet. But we can expect the open beta to run for a while according the the official PSO2 twitter account. Which makes me think it will roll into the full release.