Japanese in chat (Windows IME)

Is there a reason Japanese input is removed from chat?

I'm using the Windows IME and it enters into chat, but it doesn't get sent or it is sent and censored? I dunno.

I've seen some people enter Kana and Kanji somehow... how?


@Meow2835 said in Japanese in chat (Windows IME):

I've seen some people enter Kana and Kanji somehow... how?

Have you tried copy/pasting Kanji/Kana from a web browser? Rather than IME? (IE: Make sure English is enabled instead of Japanese in the input switcher. But copy/paste Japanese from that.)

@coldreactive I tried copy paste from notepad and just tried a web browser, it lets me paste and they show in the text area in the game, but it doesn't send... hmm.

This game isn't accepting accented English characters which are technically part of the English language if you want to type them.

For non-english characters you'll need to set it up as a chat shortcut.

I've seen one guy with hiragana in an auto-chat, iirc he said that he ported over settings from PSO2JP and managed it that way, even though you can't type it in fresh into the chat box.

Japanese is blocked in a Global Server 😲

This is one of the many reasons why my friends don't want to play Global. We understand japanese more than english. Why we cannot write in japanese on a japanese game? Global means global, not english speakers only... It's very difficult for me and my friends to communicate only in english... (Please don't tell me to use Discord. We prefer the in-game chat)