Boss Monsters Need Better Accuracy And Quicker Atks And A Atk Change Depending On Range.

Pso2 boss monster are very easy to evade and their accuracy is bad. Most Of The Time They Miss By The Player Running Left / Right. Their Attacks are unpredictable in a bad way as most of the the time they use Attacks At Random And Not Based On Where The Player Is.

Ps02 Boss Monsters Need Better Accuracy And Quicker Attacks And Choosing Attacks Based On Their Range From The Player.

Simmilar to how its found Example: Fast And Smooth As 8d767537-6774-4941-9f0e-918cbd005bd2-image.png

It appears that what you want is a Souls-like MMO rather than actually wanting to play PSO2; I might recommend taking a look New World as it seems to be more in line with the requests you have been making. The Beta for it is still a ways off, but it might not be a bad idea for you to keep an eye open for news on it.

@AndrlCh i'll remove the dark sools images except 1. my Point can reach the anti soolers

there are already pretty agressive bosses in PSO2 a good example of that is Omega Masquerade, why don't you try to look in what comes in episode 5 and 6 before come with your sugestions?

If you want Dark Souls mechanic. Just. Play. Dark Souls. PSO2 is not Dark Souls nor will it ever be.

@Jamesmor Their Regular Monsters Are Better Than The Bosses in some case.

@Thedovahmon this isnt about mechanics

@Golden_Syrup you clearly don't play many RPGs to not know that bosses from the start will always be weaker than mobs you find later on even in Dark Souls that happens

This guy shouldn't play kritika then. There are games out there with stages meant to make players feel overpowered. There's even an entire genre dedicated to that. I think t's called musou.

PSO2 has some of this and some of that. Most average stages make you feel powerful, until you get to bosses like Phaleg or solo P darkness. Worse if you go unprepared.

@Jamesmor this is about game design and boss monster interaction.

@Golden_Syrup you are the one that decided to bring the mobs, still like I said those bosses exist already, Omega masquerade, Phaleg, Anga Phandaj those are examples of aggressive bosses that can easily wipe the floor with the player if they don't learn their patterns and in special Anga Phandaj that wipes the floor with a entire room with 12 players if they are not careful

@Jamesmor from your debating, suggestions arent needed cause Ps02 is the perfect game.

It's not a perfect game, but it's not Dark Souls either. Stop trying to suggest it should be.

@Meow2835 That was for example my suggestions is separate.

@Golden_Syrup in any moment I said this game is perfect, didn't I said in my first post for you to look into the content of the other episodes? you know what I mean when I said that?