Please implement higher level gear trading.

I don't want to be disingenuous, so I'm going to say ahead of time that this request partially comes from a place of selfishness and I'll explain why in my reasoning.

In the Japanese version of pso2 players are able to sell, buy and trade for higher-star gear than we are. The Japanese version of the game allows this because they understand that getting 3 different pieces can be very difficult, and despite the difficulty, getting 3 compatible (not necessarily a set bonus) units is a vital part of the "endgame" regardless of what point in the meta we're at.

As for my personal desire for this: I'm tired of getting nothing but Ofzende arms, and Cliffard arms. I've gotten so many of them and it bugs me to no end that I can't buy or trade for the pieces I lack, or sell the extras to make a bit of profit. I honestly thought this would become a thing once 12* units and 14* weapons became a thing, and it's extremely disappointing because it's another route that NA could have taken to learn from the downfalls of the japanese version.

For example: Japan released SG scratch, everyone hated it so they intorduced more, and better ways of obtaining SG. And instead of giving us the scratch along with the solution to the problem that initially arose from the problem it created, we followed japan's erroneous footsteps and got the problem first with no solution. And now this issue, while not as big is present none the less. NA would have been better for allowing these trades when stronger weapons and units started appearing, but instead we once again repeated the mistake that they made in the japanese version instead of giving us the solution along with it.

So TL;DR: My suggestion is giving us the ability to trade higher star equipment like the japanese version does.

@Flowen231 If I could, I'd throw 30 million Meseta your way just to buy one of your Ofzende arms. I have Ofzeterious and I for the life of me cant get Ozende to drop.

To be honest, JP never allowed the trading/selling of the highest tier gear.

JP been on 15 star weapons and 13 star units for awhile now and only just last week unlocked all 14 star weapons for trading/selling and 12 star units was unlocked in July.

@Thedovahmon Imagine if we could trade like (insert any other game in the series here) lol

@HarmlessSyan Precisely. It would be nice to have the same QoL changes that JP has. 14* weapons and 12* units are not the endgame, and they shouldn't be treated as such.

@Flowen231 currently 14 star weapon and 12 star units are very much the end game/top of the line gear for global at the moment and will be until EP6 hits.

Nemesis/Raven NT added so early was a mistake and even more so that they are tradeable/sellable. It made all EP3 and 4 Urgents basically useless other than affix fodder farming. Why even do content when you just buy the best off player shop.

@HarmlessSyan The difference in our point of view is what stage of the game we are focused on and what we want out of the game. 14 star weapons and 12 star units are not the end all for NA, it's just what we currently have available because our version of the game was released incomplete instead of being released in it's entirety like it should have been. They are not the endgame, and they should not be treated as such just because we're waiting for sega to finish actually giving us the game.

And tbh people always jump on that bandwagon that nemesis/slave weapons were too strong and released too early, but nobody ever looks at the benefits that they brought along; PSO2 JP was always incredibly frustrating when it came to equipment upgrades because you would often find yourself grinding your soul out to get an item, only for that item to be replaced by something stronger in a few weeks. Nems and slaves being available as early as they were gave people a stable option to aim for while filling out all of the other systems in the game without worrying about falling behind after the next update, and the fact that we can buy them is a boon for the playerbase as a whole. Players who sell them get meseta they want, players who buy them get the item they want; Resulting in both players being wealthier since they can trade for what they value more.

And yes, urgent quests in NA are fodder farms, as they should be imo. Affixing is something that lots of players strive to do. And frankly I find the concept of quests that can't be consistently farmed with exclusive gear to be a terrible idea in general. The only merit of urgent quests having top end gear is that at some point, someone will get what they're looking for and feel special while most people won't and be frustrated with their inability to consistently farm what they want.

As for your final question; Because they want to. Plain and simple. Maybe they want to save the meseta, maybe they want to be the ones to find and sell the item, maybe they're just looking for a challenging quest in a game where 99% of the content can be effortlessly completed through button mashing with really weak gear. Players who enjoy pso2 make up their own reasons for playing and don't need obstacles limiting how they accomplish what they want.

Also side edit: Since I'm a firm believer that NA should have been released complete, I also believe we should get every QoL that the japanese version gets. Withholding benefits and releasing them later has, and will continue to lead to the same frustrating issues repeating on NA instead of learning from the past and implementing things better. And I am of the opinion that we should not have to suffer the same issues the japanese players did, similar to how I wouldn't want japanese players to suffer my frustrations if NA was the original version just because I did.

I don't know why anything is untradeable. If you own it. It should be tradeable. My bf helps me a lot, but can't just trade items directly.

And that stupid "Owner Registration". Just another way to stiff us out of meseta and possibly real money (indirectly)

@Meow2835 I still don't understand why all those systems exist tbh. Over time I've kinda come to accept them but coming from the other games in the series where trade was very relevant feels pretty meh. My problem with untradeable items in general, and to a lesser degree the pso2 original stuff like owner registration feel like they cause more frustration than the positives that they bring (side note, idk what's positive about any of it as far as user experience is concerned).