Upslotting & Affixing Basics (Video)

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@coldreactive They are the ones that you Craft using Planet Crystals that only work in certain Quest types.

Then what are the special affixes that have text rather than stats showing? IE: Passive ability affixes?

@coldreactive Are you talking about Special Ability Factor-only affixes like Phrase Decay from Basalis Weapons or Phrase Weak from Homura and Fornis Weapons? Or maybe S-Class Abilities that you can put on various 13☆+ Weapons and Units that support them? Either way, those still count toward the normal 8 Slot max.

I would say S abilities and potentials are the only ones that contain text explaining the abilities rather than stats.

@John-Paul-RAGE There are a few non-S-Class Abilities that are text only, like Phrases, Busters, Reapers, and Slayers.

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Hey folks! Another big video guide out!

This one is on Upslotting & Affixing Basics. It doesn't go too indepth as this is a starter guide to help folks become familiar with the system.


I'll be releasing an advanced guide on Affixing in the near future. Just to note, Affixing is not something you need to do until you start reaching the higher levels. You can get by in the earlier difficulties without needing to affix, but the earlier you understand it, the better.

Wow, thank you very much for that video. If nothing else, though in hindsight the in-game instructions make better sense now, I didn't fully realize the relationship of the augment fodder collective augmentable abilities vs. the based item being augmented. Not so.

Other than that the fodder has to have at least as much Augment Slots as the base its is combined possible effects of fodder only!

o/ =^.^=