Upslotting & Affixing Basics (Video)

Hey folks! Another big video guide out!

This one is on Upslotting & Affixing Basics. It doesn't go too indepth as this is a starter guide to help folks become familiar with the system.


I'll be releasing an advanced guide on Affixing in the near future. Just to note, Affixing is not something you need to do until you start reaching the higher levels. You can get by in the earlier difficulties without needing to affix, but the earlier you understand it, the better.

woot thanks! how rare are ex cubes?

You get them as rewards for titles and ARKS missions, but you can also use the recycle shop to trade 10 star weapons for them! There's a few other sources, but you can regularly farm them.

Here's a wiki page with all of the sources:

Not sure if you still check this >< I am having trouble figuring out how to put Mark of Joy or Mark of Anger on a weapon.. I bought weapons that have the casting 3 might 3 and prec 3, then added in the stamina 3 which should have made mark of joy right?

@SpookyOh Mark Abilities require another Ability to be part of the fodder mix, on the JP server called Mark Receptor, to be able to transfer. Mark Receptor can only be added via an Ability Add item and it is generally just given out in campaigns. And as far as I am aware you cannot create a Mark (unless this has changed recently).

@AndrlCh thannk you! oh my gosh.. been killing myself for no reason lol what about souls? same thing need a special item?

@SpookyOh No, you just need multiples of the Soul to transfer it, but the the success rate doesn't go above 50%, unless you have a Soul Receptor which makes it 100% and only requires one copy of the Soul. But the thing about Soul Receptor is that it came from the mobile game PSO2es, so there is no knowing how they will implement it on the NA server.

thank you soo much! loving the game, just trying to master this affix thing

Just additional info. We can set 3 souls of the same kind to make the success rate to 80%.


  • Wolga Soul + Wolga Soul = 50%
  • Wolga Soul + Wolga Soul + Wolga Soul = 80%
  • Wolga Soul + Soul Receptor = 100%

Edited the post. I've mistakenly clicked the post button... 😧

@Fiona-Respha Wow, I was completely unaware that that was the case; I guess I've just been using Soul Receptor so long I never noticed.

@AndrlCh Yeah. I'm re-learning all of the basics (headache).

@AnamanaAU Just wondering, I've seen some JP pieces of equipment with 10+ Slots, is that currently possible in the NA version? Or do we need a later episode to come out first?

@coldreactive Even on the JPN version, the max number of Slots is 8. There are a few things that go in the same info box as affixes, like Timed Abilities, but they don't actually count as taking up a Slot.

Here is a screenshot I just took of what it looks like to affix an 8 Slot weapon:

alt text

As you can see, it doesn't even give the option for an Extra Slot.

@AndrlCh said in Upslotting & Affixing Basics (Video):

Timed Abilities

Are those the Affixes that have actual text rather than stats?

@coldreactive They are the ones that you Craft using Planet Crystals that only work in certain Quest types.