A Visitor list for Personal Quarters

So, pretty straight forward. A list of WHO visited a PQ and WHEN they visited.

Reason: My PQ is open (which MAY be a mistake), so SOMEONE (which I have no proof but I do have a hunch of WHO IS...) "recorded" a message on my Copycat Doll calling me a pedophile...

alt text

I also heard stories of people who had their base "bombed" with furniture too.

One time, one of the officers in my alliance had Wopal pillars scattered all over his PQ with a comment on his message board from the culprit saying he shat all over the place.

Turns out the culprit was trying to meet with his drug dealer ingame to discuss their "transaction" and got the wrong player ID and thought my Alliance officer was his dealer. I wish I was making this up.

Back on topic, a way to see who visited your PQ and when would be a nice feature, especially if you find yourself being harassed by some invisible [REDACTED]. I think you can also reset your Copycat doll by putting it back in your inventory and repositioning it.

This would be nice. I once had a group of players leave some expensive gifts in my Quarters (one of them let me know that it wasn't a case of mistaken identity), and I wish I could have known who they were so I could at least thank them.

I'd like this as well.

As of the item bombardment, it's true. In JP people would come into my room and put mushroom chairs all over my PQ for boredoms sake. While I'm not personally bothered by it, it would've been nice to see who would just to let them know it was a good laugh, or do a potential mushroom chair revenge depending on how the person takes it.