Hey, I am on Xbox and I have been getting this bug about once a day (1 in 3 missions that has this problem) It only occurs in fields of which have barricade fields, Challenge Quests and certain Urgent Quests appear to have this bug more often than others. The field may or may not go down for me, but it will for everyone else, and I'll be stuck, generally unable to get in or out of the level due to the glitch unless I log out, missing out on a ton of drops and experience (especially in the case of Urgent Quests, I have actually ended up losing out on Deus Esca on X hard due to this a few times) This is aggravating and turns limited run quests into nightmares, because it could just screw me out of the whole thing.

I don't think there is really a way to 'fix' it on my end, reinstalling didn't help, but I did want to report the bug, that way it can get fixed during a maintenance. [No I do not have pictures of it, I don't have a capture card on my Xbox.]