[Ship 2] Looking For Group

Hello, ship 2 ops. I understand this might be a bit of an odd post, but allow me to explain my situation! First, i have an alliance already with some friends, and given that i'm a bit of a weirdo about it, i'm not exactly willing to leave it. But my interest in the game exceeds theirs, and while i'm not willing to leave the smol alliance, i do need some people to run regular stuffs with, otherwise i'll pull my hair out~ My player ID on Ship 2 is nyans, and you can add me in discord if you wanna invite me to something: nyandere#0751. Again, not looking for an alliance, or even like, super duper friends, i just need some regular folk to run stuff with, thanks 🙂

Hello Nyans, May I know what's ur usual play time ? I will try to add you once I reached home, lets hang out sometime.

My IGN Jase2cool