System requirements?

Can anybody guess if this game looks too much to be on a 6 gig graphics card. My PC is i5-9400f 1660 ti 16 GB ram

It's ok for 1080p 60fps maximum settings

@carbonblood007 The requirements haven't been announced yet, so we don't know what will be needed to run the game. The GTX 1660 Ti is a pretty nice mid range graphics card (comparable to a GTX 1070) though, so I wouldn't worry with your PC.

@Ezodagrom well that's at least good news

@Silvalance that would be perfect I don't care if it's in 4k

hopefully it’s laptop friendly, gaming of course!!!

I hope I can still play with my GeForce GTX 1050 Ti. I have a AMD FX(tw)-6100 Six-Core Processor with 16 GB of ram (Completely maxed out on RAM) 1080p.

Big news if it supports GTX 770/750 ti. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa. Welp.

Fanmade chart with what appears to be the graphics level.

the system requirements for NGS were posted about a week ago on the JP site.

@N00bie666 Not exactly, what was posted was the closed beta requirements with a note saying that the final requirements will be different.

@Ezodagrom said in System requirements?:

@N00bie666 Not exactly, what was posted was the closed beta requirements with a note saying that the final requirements will be different.

no, it said they are "Subject to change" not that they WILL be different. they will most likely be SLIGHTLY lower due to engine tweaks but they wont be drastic enough that you wont need half way decent specs to run it. you wont be playing an 8 year old game anymore. the specs you need will reflect that.

@N00bie666 This is what the official website says:


While I don't know japanese, checking with different translation tools, they all pretty much say that beta requirements are different from the final requirements, for example, with DeepL:

The above closed beta test standard operating environment is different from the operating environment at the time of the official service.

@Ezodagrom thats a translation error going from japanese to english. things like this happen freqently as the languages are completely different. its the same reason translating often time yeilds broken english. ive had people who speak japinese fluently go over it and its "Subject to change"

Speaking as a native Japanese, the translation Ezodagrom showed is correct. The "正式サービス時の動作環境とは異なります。" part can only be translated as "different", not "subject to change". If it was the latter, it will say something like "異なる場合があります".

Yet this "different" is a pretty neutral expression, it doesn't imply the different is a significant one. So at least from their official announcement, we have no clue on how big the difference is.

Probably we'd better wait for the formal announcement of the requirement for the graphic upgraded original PSO2, planned in mid February in Japan. The requirement for NSG will be similar to that, at least not lower than that, I suppose.