The Third Shift (alliance idea)

I'm don't want to be in charge of an alliance but I've always thought it would be cool to have an alliance where most members usually log in between the hours of midnight to 8am (eastern time). This would be for people who work late shifts like me. I work a full time job and usually play between 3 to 8am before I go to bed. I think an alliance dedicated to players who also play around this time would be great because there would be a good amount of players logged in for you to party up or hang out with, and I think the third shift would be a pretty cool name. I've played on the japanese servers for a couple years and in my alliance, around the time I play, I think the highest amount of members logged in at a time was probably 7? But this is why I think an alliance with a dedicated playerbase at a certain time frame would be cool. Also I'll be on ship 2 of course, so if anyone wants to take on this adventure let me know and send me your discord.

aim to kill would be happy to have you, hit up my xbox gt ATK Blackdawn and lets talk ideas