It looks like the "exploration" portion of the field will allow up to 32 players...

...with combat instanced areas going down to 8!6c8e6d5c-9f7c-437d-a36f-a69a31ff2e06-image.png 706f8d9c-a1f8-45ce-b406-af96027f1219-image.png Here is what is most likely "Multi" party.888583d5-5edb-4bf3-9062-b5664e31bfb8-image.png It was really hard to capture these with the bit rate the stream was going at.

Potentially. But I seem to recall some people coming to a similar conclusion when we got the NGS trailer and saw some funky numbers there.

@Knight-Raime In the initial trailer we saw that there's a limit of 8 players, and the TGS showcase confirmed it that battle areas do have an 8 players limit.

As far as I know they only talked about how 8 players would be in combat areas. I'm glad that they are allowing more run ins with people out on the exploration field this way.