error 630 getting more annoying

i have placed a ticket no response yet and now i wasted a stupid tokyo key cause i got disconnected during gold at halfway mark, its not my side and i have no issues with any other games but this one plz fix the disconnect issues on ship 3, this has also happened during advance quest and some urgents plz fix things its getting annoying

Between the launchers mysteriously not working randomly at will, and this occurring quite a bit for some people with stable connections I borderline want to call it out as targeted harassment towards certain members of the player-base by whom remains a mystery..

I mean it's doubtful but the way the games systems play out, no body in this day and age designs that bad. It feels almost intentional though this of course can never be confirmed lol. (currently trying to fix my game after no windows update, and many days of it working fine prior)

error 630 is related to instability with the connection to the server, because PSO2 requires constant trade of info with the server the game is more sensitive to when those errors happens than most other games however the ones that you should complain are the internet providers because the internet is pretty complex and connected to several servers and routers that end up generating all the quality lost packages.

in resume when you have problems with DC complain with your ISP instead with the company that is running the server.


It is typically happening on a stable connection for seemingly a handful of people, we're just airing frustration. Not entirely pointing the blame at the team but the launcher issue in conjunction with that are surreal.

To be fair once I had fixed it, it worked fine without issue for the longest time, just recently had some hiccups but things seem ok for right now since I went through the long process of re-setting everything.

For example... I've been disconnected twice since going to lobby 1 twice now, simply walked up next to a group of people dancing and got disconnected a moment later with full connection... its strikingly strange and I've not dealt with this on other games, it is what it is.