Fresh Finds: Reorganize + put old re-runs in?

I mentioned it in another topic earlier, but figured I'd make a suggestion out of it too, because why not.

For the past (almost) two weeks, FF has been rerunning the same items from the previous two weeks, so FF isn't averse to reruns, I guess. I think it would be nice if the FF shop doubled down on that and offered a selection of random old daily items alongside these items, to give people who might've started later a chance to get some older items. There's a lot of wasted space in the recommended items panels, you could shrink them a little bit and get a lot of useful space out of it.

I made a quick photoshop mockup to give an example:

alt text

Even just shrinking the recommended items that much (which still keeps them super prominent in the window) gives space for 6 extra fashion items, a +150% increase over what we get right now. Which, even if they're not new items, is pretty significant when it comes to giving access to old items (since it even outpaces the rate new FF items come out at). This window is actually a bit smaller than the current FF window too, had to shrink the height a little bit to make it look nice.

Normally I don't bother giving suggestion threads for big things like this, but since FF is a Global-only thing in the first place it probably has more of a chance of getting changed than something that's been in JP for ages. Obviously it'd probly end up with a different layout if they did actually implement something like that, but just showing how it's pretty easy to fit extra items in there without completely rehauling it.

Full support for this. There should absolutely be room made for revivals in the FF selection- and it would do a lot to alleviate peoples' worries about the system overall. Perhaps even give us the ability to pay a small sum of SG to refresh the revival selection if we don't want to wait for the next day?

That is a good way to have a mix of old and new. I support this as well.

This would be a must have for those who recently came in with the Steam version and winding up on ship 4, make hunting down past items less of a nightmare or ending up completely out of reach.

@LazerRay yeah that is exactly why I started on ship 1 as a steam player. I can actually buy a lot of the old items with meseta (as there were issues with traceability)

But yes I want this as well. Some of the items are not even available at all.

Please, please do this or something equivalent. There's a bunch of fresh finds stuff that was only available to XBox players and if it keeps running the "reverse" order it has been now, we won't see a lot of those until December.