[Bug Report] 2 of Azanami's Quests are Bugged

Hi, there are some issues with Azanami's Boot Camp missions for "Dragon Altar" and "Coast". All the boot camp missions needed to be completed to S rank on "very hard or above", however these missions stated that they only needed to be completed under "hard or above", with no S rank completion. I've completed the Coast mission under "very hard" difficulty setting and achieved S rank with Azanami as my partner, yet there was no completion status. I haven't tried the Dragon Alter Mission yet, but I suspecting it also has the same problem. Could someone please take a look to see if this was a programming and translation issue?

Thank you for your time.

Normal Quests pso20200925_013005_002.jpg

The Bugged Quests

pso20200925_012950_000.jpg pso20200925_012955_001.jpg

I just did both orders and worked perfectly pso20200925_162634_000.jpg


did you fulfilled the 3 requirements? because it will only count if you do then as a Braver

Yeah, I did it with braver, very hard mode with Azanami as a partner. This morning I'd also cleared the Dragon Alter area with S rank under very hard mode, but nothing happened.


I think the situation is exactly as the OP stated. Two of the Azanami's client orders, "Boot Camp: Dragon Altar" and "Boot Camp: Coast" have requirements of Braver only, Azanami only, SH+ difficulty and S rank clear, but the client order details of these COs don't showi these correctly.

Actually, we can check out the difficulty requirements without running the quest to the end. When I did this in SH difficulty as required, there will be a system message like 'Beginning Client Order "Boot Camp: Coast".' and Azanami starts talking dialogues specific to this CO.

But when I do this on VH difficulty, the client order start notice won't appear and Azanami just talks generic quest start message.

In fact, Azanami talks about the conditions herself. I didn't notice this at first 😆 26-09-2020_14-20-54-kjwk2z5e.jpg 26-09-2020_14-21-21-nmfvehqf.jpg 26-09-2020_14-22-00-xh0yb0zc.jpg

I'm a bit surprised to see this old copy-paste mistake from OBT is still surviving.

@Jamesmor Did you do the Boot Camp: Dragon Alter in VH or lower difficulty? If you did it in SH, it's pretty natural you complete the CO, but if you did it in VH-, that means my argument above is not entirely correct. 😕

Also, The Bow Boot Camp Plus Alpha! is not the quest in question here. Boot Camp: Coast is the one with the bugging CO details.

i just completed a few of those on difficulty Super Hard with S rank and Izanami still screwed me. Im not be able to complete "Boot Camp Volcanic Caves" and "Dragon Altar" and im not sure if im willing to try the others since it may be a waste of time.. Where can i report those buggy quests? So they may do something about it? I tried to do it over the HP but they just let me choose between some Newbie questions.

Same here

Same here