Need help setting up Talis

I played force on Psu and know it has changed on pso 2 and just made one a couple of days and about to be lvl 38 but need help on what techs i should use on the rods like setup a rod with like all fire or go different elements on em that is where i am confused at but found me a good build to use.

You'll be using all of your hotbars just for rods on Force. I have one dedicated to each element. Remember to use the "Loadout" feature at the class change NPC to save your configurations for each class so you don't have to do it again.

if you haven't figured it out yet, you can use the same weapon for all weapon equip slots. You don't have to buy another rod/etc.

don't have another load out tree since i am free to play and changing to talis since i read that post showing they were better to use and it was the weapon load i was talking about and using same weapon for it i learned that much it is just setting the techs up on the weapon where i am confused at i got a skill tree build i found to use for my force.

if you want to get rid of one element, I'd recommend dark, or merging some of dark's techs into other hotbars for specific element techs you don't want to use. You won't be using many light techs other than a couple few, so that could be where you put them.

Directional techs on Talis will go in the direction you're facing when the talis is deployed, unless your crosshair is directly on the enemy's hitbox.

You'll want to use fast talis throw stance for when you want to regain PP, as you have no way to gain PP at range besides throwing your talis. Stances like Fast Talis Throw should always go on your Sub-Palette, NOT your weapon hotbar, as they are activated once, and then stay on until turned off.

Also, always always go for percent-based damage increases. Do not go for fixed TEC increases. (IE: don't go for TEC +50 in the skill tree.)

ok well way i was setting up was like all fire on one weapon so on for the others but i had to switch all the time to matxh the weakness of the enemy that is why i am asking for help on to mix em up ot keep what i have done.

this is the skill tree i am going by but have reset tickets still to use but i don't think i have that skill with this build.

Well got to reset the skill tree to get the fast throw in and tthen figure out what to do from there to get it to run well for dps support.

Here is a good all-round skill tree for Fo/Te at lvl 80. It's what I use, and since I main Talis I have both the Talis skills.

Skill Sim

This is how I set my weapons up. You don't need 6 different Talises, just use the same weapon in all 6 slots but with different techs. Since you're lower level you may not have all of these techs, so just use what you do have:


By the way, that guide you linked earlier is quite bad. Don't take Resta Advance on the Te tree, you want the points into the 3 elemental mastery skills instead. It also doesn't take PP Conversion and says to use the ring instead, but you can't use that ring if your subclass is Techer.

Follow this instead:*-2FJdr5clt_Zoh2nPdpYfg

I'll have o remake the character since i have used up all the skill resets i had to use this new skill tree for my force character.

Since i have none left after i reset all my characters skils wuth em.

And what is the tech in 6th slot i have never seen that one before.

@ShadowNova6852 said in Need help setting up Talis:

And what is the tech in 6th slot i have never seen that one before.

The icon on the far right is the Talis normal attack:

alt text

I mean the yellow one with arrow and curvy line

@ShadowNova6852 said in Need help setting up Talis:

I mean the yellow one with arrow and curvy line

That's Ilzonde. It's used for movement, which is why I have it on every weapon. It makes your character fly forward with lightning wings. Does a little bit of damage, but mostly used for moving faster.