Buying the uncensored version: a suggestion for the height slider and other removed content.

Given that most of the threads on this topic keep getting closed, I ffigured I'd post this idea as a new thread.

Sega could offer an optional bit of DLC, a form of pass for the uncensored version of the game, for a nominal fee of say $5. Those who buy into it would get the product as promised; 'All the content' of the Japanese version, while those who don't want to see it can simply opt out.

That way , there are four winners.

Sega wins by getting money out of the deal.

Anti-censorship players get the product they want.

Pro-censorship players won't have to worry about seeing anything distasteful.

Neutral/indifferent players don't have to hear about it every other day.

I know some games will uncensor if you pay nearly the price of the full game over again, if not more. (Such as Gal Gun's 99.99 USD Uncensored DLC)

it's also not like they can't put in Old Type Weapons either. The old upgrade system is still in the NA version through the Rings.

@coldreactive So there is precedent. Let's just hope that if this suggestion is taken, it doesn't get absurd.

Out of all the for/against censorship threads here, this... Is actually quite a reasonable idea 🤔

Folks pay for what they want, and people who are against it just don't buy it. If they do and complain... Well, what did they expect? 🤷

Would also put an end to all the constant threads for and against it as well, as stated earlier. A less cluttered forum is always nice 👍

I would spend $5 for that, but how would it work for character height?

@Weirdo I'd say they could set it up so people who have this patch could see a character's true height, while for others it's be at the current minimum/maximum height we have now.

If it's all client side, I'd imagine it'd be do-able without putting any strain on the server at all really 🤔

@Fellow_Joel I'm glad that you think so 🙂

But all that means is that the GMs, much less the devs, won't see it.

I'm sure that staff would have the choice to use it for free.

@Weirdo Have they said it?

No, but I think it would be a perk of being staff.

A bit of a bump; I think this topic still has merit and shouldn't just be buried.

I still think it could be a good solution.

I do agree with that solution

I completely disagree. Sega shouldn't charge for uncensoring content. It takes time and effort to modify the game to cater to overly-sensible types. Simply translating the game and giving us all the original content takes far less work.

I also see this as something that's as scummy as racketeering, it's causing a problem and charging people for the solution.

@TheMerfox It's not like we think it is the best option, because as you said they should save themselves the effort and just give us the game in its original state. This was suggested because of Sega's refusal to budge and a compromise that could have a shot of working.