Did they just...forget to put the Hagith fight in the story?

So I recently finished episode 4 and not once during the whole thing did we take on Hagith and his giant stupid boat. I know it's already an urgent quest but they LITERALLY have several cutscenes building up to it and then it just...doesn't happen. It gets completely dropped. Hell they never even mention Hagith again until the very end where he's apparently a good guy now?

Again, I get that it's already an urgent quest but not having a solo version of it in the story just makes the episode feel really disjointed.

You get the trigger of it when it "happens" in the story. It's intentional.

@Vashzaron Seems like it would've been better to just put it in the story tbh

@Ignigknawt On the JP version of Ep1~3, the major boss fights were originally not available in the story, but during Ep5 the first 3 episodes were overhauled, simplified (alot of cutscenes were cut, many playable quests were removed), the enemies levels were increased to 75 and the major boss fights were added into the story.

Unfortunately Episode 4 didn't get any changes, so no extra fights were added and the enemies levels remained at 70.

If I recall the Magatsu special realm AIS battle isn't in the story either? Just the Daybreak Province invasion. If that's correct, the Yamato (and later Deus Esca, which similarly had a cutscene introduction and no combat story quest) UQs wouldn't have been the first to do this.

The final boss of Ep 4 is pretty much the same, you fight the very first form version of it and then the second form + big boy version are UQ/Trigger-only. Pretty goofy, but if eps 1-3 were originally the same way, that would make sense.

@Akonyl Not only were Ep 1 to 3 originally like that, but their post fight cutscenes could only be viewed after the UQ itself where the Story Tablet would appear with the loot crystal.

This could mean that someone might never see those scenes due to not being able to run those UQs (for example, Luther became really uncommon at one point); I had a friend who never saw the post-Elder and post-Luther scenes since he started after they were less common and no longer scheduled, so he got really confused by Xiao talking about Gemini at the start of Episode 3.

That is some big brain game design.

I just want to solo the UQ's in the story and not leave dead plot points.