Hello new here

Game is great but so many questions

  1. How does one chat with someone on Xbox. Is there a video on this? I had a wonderful person who was with me. I a, not sure how but it was a real person. I thought it was a npc. What I figure they had a keyboard

  2. Now on to NPC In your group. Is that a specific level you can do that?

  3. How do you increase your slots for equipment on the field. 50 slots is short and I find myself going back to sell and get what I can’t pick up

  4. What is good to sell to free your slots?

  5. I am level 12 and just been playing, equip the best equipment I have, sell the lower and armor that is weak. I have been collecting and I got myself a premium from the store and put all the goodies in storage. I notice some of that stuff has a 30 day to 60 day expiration to it.

  6. Do you need to have three weapon slots? Is there a way to only have 2?

  7. When is it good to do this skill tree? Is that automatic?

  8. I watch a video with a guy who has 30 level on his main and sub character is 70. And he was saying some quest you can do hard. The quest will be hard at level 30 but you play your sub class at 70 and walk through it. If so? Does the sub class go up faster then the main class?

This was more I wanted to ask. But I guess it’s good.

I hope I hit most of the answers you need (mind, I am half asleep, so it may be a bit incomprehensible).

  1. On XBox, you hold down the View button to open the chat box, then you can type in there with the on-screen keyboard. You can also buy a USB keyboard for your XBox to make chatting easier.

  2. You need to get NPC Partner Cards by completing their Client Orders or playing the Story first, then you can add them to your party from the Ally Console on the Gateway Ship.

  3. You have to buy Inventory expansions from the AC Shop (ie. using real money). You can expand your Inventory by an extra 100 slots, at the cost of 350AC for every 10 slots. Also, keep in mind that you can send stuff to your Storage boxes directly from your Inventory, even when you are in the field.

  4. Early on, you can basically sell anything that you won't be using for your class or that is weaker than your current equipment. In all honesty, it isn't really worth it to pick up everything that drops since most of it, especially at early levels, is junk or stuff you'll quickly level-out of.

  5. Was there supposed to be a question here?

  6. Do you mean reduce the number of Weapon palettes you have to scroll through? In which case, no. Even if a Weapon palette is left empty, it will still show up when you cycle through them (unless there is some setting or toggle I am forgetting).

  7. It is not automatic. Research your class first, and look at the Skill Trees that are out there in various guides. Since resetting Skill Trees is a hassle, it is always best to plan before building.

  8. When a class is set as a subclass, it gains 25% of the EXP you earn and will stop leveling up when it hits lv60. You can then switch it over to be your main class to continue leveling it.