PSO2es NA release?

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This thread was from 9 months ago


It really is from March though if you look at the first few posts, the people before you just replied this month.

That being said though, I don't get why people care about necroing threads. It's an old thread? So what, the topic of this thread is still relevant why is it really an issue. What difference does making a new practically identical thread, versus replying to an old one make.

I honestly feel like reusing an old thread is actually better so we see how things progress if anything changes over that time period.


Also I rather get PSO2 Nova on something like the Switch than PSO2es.

It'd be nice to have PSO2es, I'm sure if NGS gets a companion app we'll get it though.

At least give us the outfits from PSO2es in a scratch.

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do any of you suppose there will be a NA release of PSO2es? I would love to see it happen. anybody else wanna see it? if you don't want to see it please let me know why. also if any of you disagree please keep this thread civil. thanks ❤ Jenna ❤