PSO2es NA release?

do any of you suppose there will be a NA release of PSO2es? I would love to see it happen. anybody else wanna see it? if you don't want to see it please let me know why. also if any of you disagree please keep this thread civil. thanks ❤ Jenna ❤

That is practically no chance at all of PSO2es being released in the West. It would be nice, but I don't see it ever happening. Same for Idola Phantasy Star Saga.

We actually had the es exclusive weapons in the beta as actual drops. I doubt we will.

It would be nice to get the app,if we do ever get it, it will be a long time off.

wishful thinking then I guess. I hope we get it. I quite enjoy it even if it is a bit simple compared to the full PSO2

I only used it to buy AC so if I can buy AC on my Xbox I don't need it personally

I personally actually play it. I do occasionally skip playing it for long periods of time but I also log into it for extra storage

When I mentioned PSO2es being mentioned in one of the Support FAQs regarding SG, it was removed pretty quickly.

Maybe if pso2 does really well, but as of now I doubt it will come.

PSO2es and Idola game developers were on the credits. And Seraphy was in the game too.