Can 12★Armour be traded in ep5?

Does anyone know that 12★ armors can be traded in ep5?

Whut about 14* weapons for that matter?

On the JPN server, the ability to sell 12★ Units was added 21 July 2020, and the ability to sell non-specific 14★ Weapons was added 16 September 2020; there are some caveats to this (like certain 14★ Weapons not being sellable at all due to specific system restrictions on them, or not being able to list 12★ Units with Ring Skills attached). However, from what I can gather, it is still not possible to trade 13★&14★ Weapons and 12★ Units directly to another player.

It is hard to know when these updates will be put in place considering how all over the place they have been with implementing systems, so it is just a matter of waiting and seeing.