Suggestion for the player community: Document any typos and formatting errors in story upon EP5 release

The localization team can't fix typos if no one tells them they exist. The best time to do so is when everyone is going through the story initially, so please screenshot if you see something wrong. If you have the extra time, go talk to NPCs around the lobby areas after each scene. There's already been a thread discussing whether it's even possible to reset lobbies to certain points in an episode, so that's going to be an easy area to miss. "Gods be operative" got fixed after we brought it to light, so there's no reason not to compile everything we can find for them to see.

Hope this isn't in the wrong forum. Feels like a grey area.


First error before even entering the story. It should be Hero Weapon Bonus, not Healing Weapon Bonus. Machine translation much?


Immediate lobby conversation after Alma first appears on ship. I feel like that's supposed to have 'sO' be 'SO' or just all lowercase. Minor nitpick, but eh.