Looking For New Friends!

Hey all! I used to play PSO it seems like forever ago on Xbox 360 and was so far into it when they removed it. Now that there is PSO2 for Xbox I have been obsessed all over again however I am a newbie it is like starting fresh but now with 0 friends to play with. I usually play as a braver on ship 4 but have recently tried a hunter on ship 2. In game name is DesperateEnuff, so if anyone wants to be friends I would be very appreciative! Thanks ❤ Ashelyn

Hey Ashelynx, Jase here from Ship 2. What's ur usual play time ? I will try to add you once I reached home. I'm quite new in the game too, so far I only played Bouncer and Braver , unfortunately all my characters are on Ship 2. my IGN Jase2cool.

Hope to hear from you soon.

@Jase I usually have pretty random play times just because I play alone! So usually in the morning until around 2 pm and then at night 9ish until around midnight! Unless of course it’s the weekend then I play much longer! I will definitely add you thank you for replying to this!

I'm on ship 2 and if you're ever on feel free to hop by B17. My sleep schedule is kinda weird atm but if you ever see any jempire players walking around the cafe or gate area give them a shout and I'm sure they'll be glad to help out. I'm Zero.EXE on the visiphone if you ever want to send a friend invite 🙂

@ZeroGenmu thank you so much!! I will definitely add you hopefully we are ever on at the same time so we can play together!

@xAshelynx I play on ship 2 my name is AxelYuki on there and i'd be glad to play with you ^^

@AxelYuki awesome!! I will add you as soon as I get off work and make it home! Thank you!!

You're welcome to add me. I'm on ship 2. My IGN is Xarrion

You can find me as Xavendithas on ship 2. My hours are also quite odd, but I'm usually online for a good chunk of the evening.