Weapon range question:

Just curious - is there information somewhere that details the basic attack range of each weapon?

I was doing lots of keys on Techter alts yesterday, and I gotta say those little birds were driving me crazy. Fresh alts with no movement skills, no ranged abilities, and I can't hit a bird that is two inches above my head / in front of me flying around in circles. Likewise, I was doing Bar Lodos on a few of them and I could barely hit it when it was alongside the platform, and only when it inched closer while it was swaying side to side.

I wonder if anyone else has to deal with terrible basic attack range, or if that's another thing Techter has going for it.

if a area of attack exist for each weapon I never saw it but for playing with the classes I did reach the conclusion that some weapons do have a pretty short range and wands are one of those, if you are using photonic fury it helps dealing with the range but if not then good luck. Pretty much all classes weapons have a dead zone that won't hit and the PAs are there to deal with those zones however Techer is in a situation that is limited to deal with those.

I also didn't have the best of times as techer. I managed to 80 it by using photon fury + wand lovers for normal attacks, and using stuff like gizonde for general mobbing. Crafted safoie is also good at getting you in front of an enemy rather quickly. Just tap it as you won't really need it's own damage to do anything.

Bosses like bar lodos are a pain no matter how you fight them. In it's own stage, abuse the electro hook mechanic. Fire it at it's nose to pull it into the platform. For the floating facility version, mixing gizonde, safoie and normal attack while staying fully mobile whenever possible, is the way to go. You should learn the range of it's attacks and their tells.

If all else fails, get a +35 nox gunblade and vamp yourself to victory. It's what I'm using currently to level up classes I don't care to learn.

I just throw birds at bar lodos.