The bots, issue my take and worry, game has doom cast on it unless the bots leave.

@Kitsenix As to an example if understanding it is cheaper to hit reply than to delete an entire post just to post. Using a phone after all.

@Miraglyth It can be understood that this conversation is for people who love and care for the game. Those wishing to be inflammatory will not remain here. They are not ones who care about the game if they are attacking the efforts to fix its fatal flaws.

Reorient you’re conduct. It is unsavory to assume but I have seen things like you before.

@Miraglyth The conduct present of you elsewhere shows you usually aren’t inflammatory. Yet being so here means the subject in question the removal of bots is something you don’t want, or wish to avoid.

Having a vested interest in bots is not good.

What I have seen is giving ideas mind you so that if the bots remain they will just have more ideas. The point however is to edge their removal or know this game won’t sustain itself.

@Kitsenix, did u know that u could edit your posts and dont need to make a new reply every minute? You are spamming just as hard as the bots... 🙄

@Scerms77 Hmm so then you wish not to gain answers. I did note that inflammatory behavior will dissect paragraphs.

And since I’m merely building a foundation of knowledge and some do and donts I feel my current effort satisfactory.

Bot defense again intolerable.

@Kitsenix Hmm at least sega will get the knowledge they require from spamming a few for an hour then leaving.

But one as to garden must first plant seeds.

I also feel that those who bring nothing but poison could just not be here.

The other serves as what not to do for his wording has betrayed some intent.

If I will spam I am doing so to be seen by segas metric.

Other than that I doubt much needs to be said.


Sarcasm note.

I’m a neutral party and have attacked nothing. The distinction is simply pointing out the others conduct, faulty as it is.

@Kitsenix Maybe people really should have thought of at least the one aspect of my other thread. Thrawn of star wars fame is what I was Once and now I simply add to the fact I’ve seen many more things and am generally less surprised and more analyzing.

Of course metaphorical aside I have training as such.

@Kitsenix please try to assemble your thoughts in fewer posts. Spamming the forum does not garner additional attention, unless it's from the GM's and Moderators. Also, @Miraglyth was definitely not defending bots. He's been around for quite some time and is known to us, and that would be out of character for him.

I don’t find the bots to be that burdensome other than the chat noises when they spam their messages. They’re easy to report and move on. I never see them out in the fields, only the lobby.

Every game has a bot problem at some point. FFXIV had one, you couldn’t stand in Uldah for months and I’d constantly see gathering bots out and about. You also had a harder time reporting once upon a time, there wasn’t an option to report gold spam so less people bothered. RIFT had a bot problem so bad they had to restrict all marketplace access(even buying) and mailbox to players who bought something with real money, the most extreme case I’ve seen.

There is not a single game I’ve played or currently play free from bots. If someone had a miracle solution, bots wouldn’t exist on any game. Game developers and staff just do the best they can.

It may seem doom and gloom but I think we’re fine. Bots are annoying but they’re not going to shut the game down.

so, I'm gonna take a shot at it:

  • yes, there are RMT advertising bots, but the ban waves seem to be taking care of them more and more, and they don't venture very far away from the block transport door so hanging out in Franca's or just the opposite side of the dispatch desk is enough to avoid them
  • the market barons engaging in price fixing and stockpiling are other players, not automated software; they don't have a great impact on the economy but it's not an example of botting
  • if you're doing MPA missions, your rank is based on individual performance, and other players in the same MPA can't sabotage your rank; in exploration missions without point goals, you only have to defeat a certain number of enemies to get an S- or A-rank, so a lot of players will rush to the end once they think they've hit that goal, so that's not evidence of botting
  • everything you've said about "crypto cookies", "hardline data", "straining the servers", "virtual senses", and every other buzzword you've made up is either not an actual thing that exists, or is an actual thing that you don't understand and have weirdly assumed is caused by malicious government-created AI (?)
  • yes, SEGA can see what country you're logging in from (since they necessarily need to see your IP address for you to connect to the game servers, and there are public databases of IP geolocation information), so I don't really get why you think botting intersects with that
  • most of the people in this thread are just confused about what you're complaining about or wondering why you appear to be talking to yourself, and aren't defending said malicious government-created AI

I think we can all agree that all the bots really need to get the boot. They do nothing but inflate the economy and scam players out of their money: In-game and real-life varieties.

Have to say I have been seeing less RMT bots shouting in lobbies recently, and when they do the URLs they give all have slight alterations to them (possibly to get past some kind of word filter?). Seems whatever SEGA is doing might be hitting them more often now. 👍 Either that, or I'm always in the wrong (AKA: Right) lobbies 😅

Markets may be becoming an issue though, although seems SEGA seems to get on top of them pretty rapidly as well. Brand-new players setting up Shops selling hundreds of new AC Scratch items is just far to suspicious to not throw up some kind of red flag. Not saying they can't literal Mega-Whales (or some kind of alt account for them?), but some internal investigation is always a good idea to see where things truly lie. ☺

Sadly though, seems like there's always going to be some kind of arms race when it comes to botters and people trying to stop them. It's been the same in practically all MMOs and it's never really going to change. Eventually, I imagine some kind of major enforcement will force some form of serious adaption to all their scripts, but they're like weeds: Incredibly irritating to put down for good. 😦

Wow That was just painful to try and read through. Very erratic and nonsensical in places and almost conspiracy theorist in others. I've worked in the IT industry for over 30 years and been a gamer for nearly as long. I've watched the evolution of botting over the years.

Bots used in MMO's are advanced macro programs not AI's. They don't hack into anything at all. Heck a lot of gaming keyboards come with the ability to create macro's allowing you to bot in games. Simply put it is a program run from the same computer as the logged in account running a series of preset commands. They aren't advanced enough to trace IP's to find what country you are from.

Sure it's possible to create a bot that trolls the market to buy cheap and resell at a massive markup. But tbh the places that sell meseta probably don't even have any to sell anyway. Just a trojan, keylogger or they just take your info and steal all your money anyway. Why would they bother using a complex bot when they can just scam people out of their money?

Market gouging is very rarely done by botters or money sellers. There are a lot of greedy people in the world.

Having to use hardline connections rather than wifi to get better ping rates is not bot related. That is caused by either poor wifi or the route your ISP takes to connect to the server.

Poor frame rates are caused by your own PC. Nothing to do with bots at all. The game engine is run from your PC with data packets sent from the server. The only reason bots would cause frame rate issues would be the number of players on screen being too much for your PC.

Yes bots are a pain in the rear end but they can be dealt with fairly easily. A simple change to the reporting system where they are muted and/or suspended after X number of reports. A report option specifically for them would help. If everyone reports them eventually they will give up.

And none of these people are banned. Hmm they do the same thing i did.

I am going to simply divert my attention to the spyware bots that have banned people. Since those existed even in the jp version of the game.

Doesn’t seem like people here want the bots to dissolve completely like I do. They call it conspiracy theory or some nonsense. Have no value for the United States I think. I just know that a game that allows this bot issue will be booted from America. Microsoft also doesn’t care that spyware exists in a game as long as they sell to Microsoft. But Microsoft also hasn’t lifted a finger to help those who have proven it exists.

I also care about the game unlike the people who call my words a conspiracy. They don’t seem to be understanding of what kind of data is on their Xbox or computer that playing a game allows access to. Maybe they play with vpn as they should. At least then there is a different location to look into first.

It hurts to see however others were not banned for doing what I did and I sat here for weeks waiting to respond.

Almost seems like pso2 allows harrassment to continue to me and my agency. Then they throw you under the bus and say you can’t login. That is when people just speak and think their words are okay when they aren’t or don’t understand the topic or issues it’s really reported or represented.

And how many gangs are their in a forum county anyways looking to take a dump on someone who doesn’t want to be banned by a robot that says I know here you live and bans your account from sega servers. But apparently they think it’s okay and call it conspiracy. It happened in the past. It’s why I didn’t by the jp version of the game. It keeps me from paying the game as well. Microsoft said its better to not play if your worried about your account getting hacked.

I haven’t been able to sign in to report that I was unable to play either for some reason. Is that not a cause for concern.

Besides I really wonder if sega took the whole thing seriously enough about the harrassment my ward had faced since they are content with allowing such harrassment to continue here. A disgrace to any company that values the safety of mind a player like me tends to enjoy in a video game. But I suppose you can’t find an honest gamer anymore either.

Reminds me did pso2 remove the children from the game as well yet. That issue had brought a lot of account bans because of their conduct. This game has portrayed and issues forth pornography and yet it has children playing it.

A nightmare to be concerned about even further than what I had problems with already about this game. But it’s still ongoing.

The government has been watching my accounts recently because I had to let them be aware of such issues ahead of time. That isnt a conspiracy if you told them to do it right.

Even so the toxic nature of harrassment has also been a critical form of social development by every sector of forum I’ve ever had to read over in my work before allowing those in may care a crack inside. Doesn’t seem like the systems defend the abused and instead their systems help the abused get more abuse. How is that for precisely.

But I suspected I was banned for more than spam. I’d know for sure if one message got it to happen again.