The bots, issue my take and worry, game has doom cast on it unless the bots leave.

Okay now I’m seeing the problems source. This botting issue is currently the cause of most of this games issues.

Damaged economy

Buying stock then Setting a high price Via gained monopoly, selling that meseta for real cash. Bots are also doing some background stuff as well making the economy suffer in game for players. So yes botters are Using unfair tactics to get rich that will make meseta fairly an issue.

Damaged gameplay. The bots are bounty hunters that ruin every s rank chance for the player. It may be less likely in one iteration where the difficulty is standard.

The bots are Also straining the game engine. Both your system and the network in question where they exist. Crypto cookies are just an example of the sheering magnitude.

I have had to switch to hardline data to play this game and still get a frame lag now and then that cripples the engine. If bots figure out how to do that they will use it to gain advantage in combat but it will crash the servers.

And then you have the spammers. Silenced yes but they show up. And some still aren’t silent. And the screen is not so easily viewed.

Wondering if people have seen this is the source of the problems I have had therein with this game. There doesn’t seem to be much else. But bots are essentially hacking problems. If your using a bot for purchase of meseta you are making it worth the bots time to be there and your paying them to farm more meseta.

Still allowing bots in your game is substantially worse than hackers. Bots can do more with virtual senses. Though programming that can be complex. But since the economy in game is already souring I’m questioning if they haven’t hacked the system somehow with the bots.

Just unloading my observations. This problem has a solution and they don’t desire it unfortunately. It would have been gone otherwise. A game that’s around for years and it’s got a problem from an early founding in japan.

Hmm bots can seemingly see which country your in also. That is rather invasive. Hmm I could open a second can of worms there but that should be fixed shortly or see it opened later. I haven’t had time to open the first can of worms. Already see a 2nd.

And yes the radical options are the only ways to remove them. I cannot seem to walk away from the issues that are expressed here. But sega seems to be a company that wants a popular world release. I know that will happen if this problem is gone. Thwarted if is not.

about the economy no bots aren't harming it, PSO2 economy has inflation always happening because players can easily farm 3 million meseta per week and those selling several tickets of the same item I doubt those come from bots and more probably from someone that stole a credit card besides most players won't buy currency from those sites, you have a bigger chance of losing something from those than getting what you want.

bots that are used for farming don't run in public rooms if not players will notice then, they are always in locked rooms so is pretty rare they will affect your score.

I can agree they can cause some stress to the servers but the game is running in the Azure Servers, you gonna need lots of bots to cause stress to those servers, now with the low fps the bots aren't the ones doing that, they contribute but is because there are too much players in one place and some machines can't handle the engine of the game in those situations

As far as I'm aware, bots only affect the market when it comes to grossly inflated listings for free items like Red Meat, which most people sell for nothing.

I'm not sure how they affect S ranks. Do you mean the weekly rankings? I could see how that might be an issue.

With the lobby spam and stuff like that, they almost always spawn exclusively on the right side of the gate area near the block transfer. Most people that are bothered by it have either adapted to the report/block method, or they go somewhere else to hang out. Even going to the opposite side of the gate area can change your experience a lot of the time.

@Jamesmor Had seen at least 7 bots speeding through today.

Maybe if one looks over time the issue has more relevance considering the now state was post bot erasure measure for the economy.

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@Kitsenix said in The bots, issue my take and worry, game has doom cast on it unless the bots leave.:

Hmm if a bot has lots of cash then buys a hit item and then generates a monopoly then there is problem. How can a person have 14+ items of the ac scratch of the same item

They go for free items like Red Meat out of convenience. Most people have an abundance of it, so they list it really high and the bots buy it. It's how the swiped meseta gets transferred afaik.

With the scratches, some people spend a lot on them and get a lot. Others vend and buy out hot items to create a monopoly. It's not as impossible as it may seem.

@Kitsenix said in The bots, issue my take and worry, game has doom cast on it unless the bots leave.:


S rank means every enemy is dead last I checked. The bots just let them spawn and race to the end to kill the boss.

There's a kill count, meaning you only have to wipe out so many until you're good. You can't clear the map because they never stop spawning unless it's a point-based quest like Coastal Ecological Survey.

Okay that makes sense of kills on s rank

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