Is a high end Talis going to be a must for Hero?

I wanted to go just sword main and backup TMG. I have those finished. Do I need a talis too? Not a major Talis fan Altho I know they change with Hero but yeah.

Hero is basically just sword, where TMG and Talis are mostly auxiliary.

That being said, you should really use all 3 weapons as TMG is fantastic as a PP battery and is the counter god weapon, and Talis is fantastic for building hero gear and has the best burst of the 3 weapons on stationary targets / open weakspots.

But you should still build for MEL units primarily on Hero, they are more useful than full all-attack units.

The later scion class, Phantom, is similar, where it is primarily a caster and Katana/Rifle are auxiliary.

Hero can be played with all three weapons, or just two, or just one. Depending on what balance patch we end up getting straight away Sword will most likely be the best and only weapon you need. TMGs get a buff later that makes them much stronger, but they're already pretty decent. Talis definitely has its uses and is great for cheesing some content, but it won't be extremely important. That being said, Talises tend to be cheap as hell anyways.

All weapons are viable for the scion classes, you can choose to just use 1 or 2 weapon and not touch weapons that you don't wish to use.

For hero while most people main sword, there are people that main talis. TMG damage is a bit lacking for bossing, but it has great crowd clearing and the weapon action is great PP battery.

Sample talis hero

Step 25 of Divide quest

Solo PD (kinda old vid before alot of hero buffs)

Hero cheesing the solo extreme quest needed for Expert matching using Talis to get height

I'm mostly going to use talis for its movement.