Best pet egg "personality" farm locations WITHOUT collection files?

Rarity stars won't matter here. What I'm aiming for is "personality", specifically the "better version" of each personality.

Reason I'm excluding Collection Files is because of personality grinding, and the collection files only give a set personality from what I know. Also gonna exclude Evolution pets and Rappy, since they can only be obtained through special means.

For example, I'm looking for Redran with a "Very Belligerent" personality, and the collection files only give me just plain "Belligerent" (difference is the added increase of Rare drop spawns).

I'll try to add info on this page as soon as I get it.


•Very Sunny -

•Firmly Resolved -


•Super Smart Cookie -

•Very Industrious -


•Very Kind -

•Very Expeditious -


•Total Underdog -

•Very Indefatigable -


•Total Underdog -

•Very Indefatigable -


•Total Show-off -

•Very Soothing -


•Very Thoughtful -

•Extra Sly -


•Very Rambunctious -

•Very Belligerent -

well some info you need to have, rarity does affect personality in particular when the pet is 14 stars that fuses both personality into one. Rappy will only come with 1 personality, also evolved pets have the same personalities of their non evolved forms.

there's not a exactly location to farm personalities, pets eggs drops from any place when you are a summoner and the personalities are randomized, only certain pets like Rappy have specific enemies that drops then.

@SparkyDaPikachu Talk about an uphill battle, I'm still trying to figure this stuff out. Man this game is complicated haha

@dossperado nah this is not complicated, each pet has 3 variations of each personality before reaching rank 14, after that it will always gonna be the same personality and in episode 5 it will be possible to get rank 14 eggs outside of Maron that is possible to get now

Os pets tambem passam do lv80/85 com excessao os pets 13star,jinga,aero e popple,porque todos os pets tem ovos de 13 star eu consegui somente esses 3 ,jinga,aero e popple