Invasion During Quests. Invading Other Players. As A False Spawn Recruit.

@Anarchy-Marine Don't worry too much about OP or his topics. PSO2 is going through an on-rails update route that won't be changed unless something goes terribly wrong. And even then, any fix would be made to go back to that rail and be on par with what JP has at the moment. Meaning, if JP PSO2 isn't PSO Souls by now, neither will Global ever be.

Also, I assume Sega already knows their target demographic with this game, so if they themselves feel they should offer more pvp, they will do so, in their own way. So while I'm still against the idea of forced pvp, I really don't see any Sega dev just bending over to OP's request and doing such a drastic and resource heavy change.

@ZorokiHanuke You have a point. I'm just tired of this dude's arrogance. He's got some nerve coming in here and telling people what they should or shouldn't like, and offering ideas that would cut into our enjoyment of the game, and claiming that would be our way out of dealing with PvP. What he's essentially saying, is that with his idea, if you want to play the game like you used to, that you would be basically shoehorned into playing against invaders. There is no room to walk away, a no choice option that wouldn't somehow hinder our end of the stick, because it's not something we could manually toggle off in a settings menu.

It's not like we could just avoid the invaders by running away, because they would just chase us down. There's the issue of the player limit on each map being twelve. There is so much wrong with his idea, I could use the spaghetti method of showing the flaws, and every bit of pasta would stick. The only two ideas he's had so far, that I even remotely liked, were more playlist options in the Battle lobby, and his underwater exploration idea. Even then, they need more refinement. The rest, I didn't agree with for various reasons.
This one is my second least liked idea, his first was currency, and it's relation to player vending. He wanted Arks Cash, and Star Gems to be added to the list of things you could charge players, besides meseta, in the player store. Anyone who's played Warframe knows how bad that can turn out.

OP has this idea in his head, based upon his very words, that PSO2 is a broken game in dire need of fixing, and that he's the only one capable of doing it. He acts like he was sent by God themself, with his attitude in relation to how he's treated others in this forum. I tried being reasonable with him back when he first showed up, but I was met with a very condescending response to a point I made, about how I'm not intelligent enough to grasp the scope of his genius. So you can understand why I'm this upset.

@Anarchy-Marine I understand your disgust, but I'd say, don't let it get to your head. OP got his firm no from you, me, and maybe others. Even tough a GM chipped in saying it's an interesting idea, that same GM also had the task to read our responses, so they also know people went immediately against this.

When I meet cases like OP, I usually just roll with it it, try to make them talk more about what they want, to see if there's any valid point to me. Then I call it a day afterwards. Though in this specific case I saw nothing of value to me, which is why I responded with a straight no while still giving an option to make it separate. He doesn't want a separate mode? Then that's a blanket no from me. Did I get called antiquated and not willing to expand my views because I don't want to pvp in a non pvp game? That doesn't bother me in the least. He has his pipe dream while I enjoy what I can from the current game, regardless of whatever flaws and limitations it has.

TLDR I sleep well after these, and so should you. 🙂

The main problem with this was that Soulsborne games were built from the ground up with PVP as central part to their experience. PSO2 was not and I get the feeling that trying to implement it would be like trying to make a jet engine propel a boat.

The current PVP is absolutely rage inducing. And I say this as one of the few mythical League players that can keep a cool head even after a losing streak. The Fact there's only a ranked mode and no casual mode doesn't help things either. It is not fun getting constantly stunned or tripped up, or chased down by Sword Surfers or playing tag with a Talis. If you fuck up once, you're dead, there's very little way to recover where at least in League you had a fighting chance or an opportunity to escape, here you just die instantly, its not fun.

The last thing PSO2 needs Is PVP forced onto us in a PVE environment. Cause I can guarantee you, these invaders would make build just to fuck PVE players over.

Hell I'm still petty over my losing streak and wish the weekly SGs could be gotten from the Challenge shop instead. Challenge mode is actually fun, let that flourish and have Emblem Scramble die in a ditch.

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@GM-Deynger You know, i just have to say the same thing i have said in all threads like this in every MMO forum i have visited, because this same thing has been brought up in all of them as well.

It really isn't intriguing, it has the same problem that every game has, and that is, if people want to PvP, they can in PvP mode. If they don't want to, shoving it down everyones throat would be a bad idea.

You might ask "why would it need to be shoved down peoples throat?" and the answer is: if you can't opt out of it, then nobody will play the game mode that has it. If you CAN opt out of it, then no one will opt in and that means it was a waste of time and effort to make it.

I just wonder why this same thing keeps popping up on the forums of every single MMO? Why are people so obsessed with invading the enjoyment of other people with OP equipment and overpowering some low level and poorly equipped people for their own amusement? Because that is what it is all about, as it was/is in dark souls.

Not everyone does that? Yeah, but that is a minority who propably do some pre-planned tournaments with each other, because they like it and they know they all enjoy it. They know they all are good at it and want some challenge, not invade random people to backstab them for the lulz.