Change Gender Impossible :(

I play for a few days the game, all good and amazing soo far but damm We get some stuff to use as female or if we are female get male stuff we can´t even use, could be there a system to change the gender of our character maybe? Sounds strange maybe but if we are male could be a system to get only male stuff?

No, unfortunately gender and race play a role for stats. Other wise everyone would be a cast

@T-R-A-S-H I know but we can´t even sell the stuff, soo basecly we got trash we don´t need?

We can sell ac scratch costumes, sg costumes can only be recycled unfortunately

you can make 3 characters by default so you can make then with different gender if you want to use other gender cosmetics, if not you can just transform then into recicle badges if you don't want to sell then