The Fornis Diene Sword sounds like a good upgrade to the Lightning Espada Sword

I ended up getting this sword last night and I was wondering about its stats so when I look it up in the ARKs Visiphone and was pleasantly surprise that its potential is somewhat the same as Lightning Espada. Sure you'll most likely heal less than before from attacking but at least it's a slightly stronger version of that previous sword. So that got me wondering, what are the other swords that have the potential to heal you from attacking?

Lightning Espada is much stronger though, Fornis just has an extra element.

Anyway, there are no more swords which give you the potential to heal, however with Episode 5 we will get access to the "Atra" series which can slot a "S4" augment, and the S4 Augment from Atra Gunblade gives vampirism for a maximum of 30 HP per hit done depending on damage.

Later weapons will also be able to slot this S4 as well, and there will be S5s later with a vampirism effect.