Swimming And Underwater Exploration Pso2 NG Could Make Use Of Underwater Voyages And Letting Player Dive Deep Onto The ocean bed.

Map Pieces And Treasure Hunting. This Could Have New Avenues For Treasure Hunting Quests. A New Item Which Are Pieces Of Map That Players Gather And Piece Together And Read Riddles To Where The Treasure Might Be.

Powerful Monsters Free Roam The Pso2 New Genesis Open World Could Utilise the Change Of Weather To Add In Special Events And Powerful monsters That Appear During Specific Times. The Player Could Venture into A Forest A Cave A underground Sewer where These Monsters Habitats Are.

Open World Not A Hub Counter World. The Current Mode Is The players Load into The Hub Then Accept Quest From The Quest Counter. A More Open World Experience would Allow A RPG World Where The Hub Worlds Are Connected A Players Can Go To Different Hub World. by Walking /Flying. A Hub World that has Destinations All Connected. They Should Be Like Other MMO Hub style ideally FFxiv And World of war craft. This is The Best Model For A Open World MMo Rpg as it Gives The feeling of a Expansive World.

Bounty Missions And Hunting Bounty Type Missions That Players Accept And Hunt Special Monsters In The Open World. The Reward Is Special Currency.

More Check Other In game Forum Suggestion That include A Survival Game mode, A Better Fishing And Gathering Mini Game.

Pso2 New Genesis

Examples Of Connected Destinations: abb1e204-d371-4d10-b41a-cce2798660ea-image.png e4df86ef-b596-4af0-bf0b-a30fd6b88cdf-image.png

Map Of Connected Zones Open World : 182bd3b7-495e-4623-a600-96fbad899727-image.png

Under Water Explorations : 4fe6ba29-15d5-4f97-9c6a-b43917431543-image.png