[ outfit colour channel That Allows To Colour Multiple parts of an outfit + Accessory colour channel That Allows To Colour Them]

Often The Current Colour Features Are Lacking A More Colour Option Where Multiple Colours Can Be Applied.

The Punishment jacket When A Colour Is Applied The Jacket Is Coloured Along With The Pants While The Shirt Stays The Same Colour Along With The T Shirt.


[ Outfit Colour Channel ] The Suggestion Is To Allow Players To Colour : Jacket Pants And Shoes And Gloves And Shirt Individually. 5 Colouring Channels. Most MMo Experiences even Those Free to Play Offer Greater Colour Features To Their Players.

[ Accessory Colour Channel ] A Separate Colour Channel For Accessories Would be Welcomed As Those Accessories Like The Floating Arm Guard Stay their Default Colour Even After Changing Outfit Colour.

This is correct.