What is your Fighter weapon of choice and why?

Kinda want to know how other people are handling the class. I got addicted to Knuckes after figuring them out in the PvP mode, and I am trying to get used to Dual Sabers for weapon variety reasons. That said I’m finding them... awkward? Defiantly slower paced. In light of that I thought I’d ask around about how people feel about what they like to use and why. I know the usual answers “Daggers do good boss damage and fly, Knuckles do good boss damage and scoot, Dual Sabers do ok at everything but are good at mobs”, but those kind of answers I find lack the essence of what it feels like to play the weapons. I’d like to hear from people about what they love about the weapons they use, like how maneuverable they may be or what they allow a player to do that others can’t, or how their DPS feels compared to other stuff.

For instance: why I like my knuckles. They go out fast, are responsive, and have a PA selection to cover just about everything besides hordes of flying things. The movement PA is nice, and the damage output rewards you for good play. I don’t have to fumble around with more than 2 pallets and can use a controller compared to stuff like Techer or Force, that force mouse and keyboard for access to the subpallete. They feel really good when mobbing or against a boss which has some downtime to get PA rotations in. They feel not so good against something like Magatsu where you have to manage vertical and horizontal distance at the same time. The ground pound PA used for mobbing (look I’m terrible at names), and the one where you punch a few times with guard/i frames are a lot of fun. Coming from Techter Knuckles Fighter it feels a lot like wand smacks on speed, which I like, and it’s far enough away from what I feared it would be, which is rhythm PA rotation monster like Gunner, where you can’t take a break in the battle to think.

Being that I consider myself a died in the wool ranged person. Still do. In my quest to get an "All Classes to 75" quest I've forced myself through all the Melee classes at this point. Admittedly there have been times if I would ever return to my true Ranged Love again. Because while ranged certainly has its place and its "skill set." Its not the same skill set at all. Part of this journey has also made me want to only choose weapons that were exclusive to each. Because when I'm done I'll not likely return to it.

Which thusly brings me to my favorite Fighter weapon. This was my 2nd Melee, after Hunter, and I DID NOT think I would like the Knuckles. Now well into me Technique range of classes, currently Techter, I still miss and think fondly of my "Fighter Knuckles" time. In additional to everything you said about it. For me it was also like. There is no more up close and personal "mano y mobo" if you will than that. Having to know and be able to take advantage of every break point, weakness, etc. that you can to get the job done. In my case having gone in your reverse from Knuckles to Wand. Yes.. ..wand smacks on speed INDEED. 😸 And yeah, when it comes to thinks like Magatsu learn them turrets, AISes, and RidRoids and get through until the next thrown punch.

If I do decide to up my Fi a lil mo I will probably try the Twin Daggers. And/or get me those Titan Knuckles things. God damn those look sick af as the kidz say!! ;0 ;~) ..really wish the "Titan Series" was more fully fleshed out weapon type wise. Would desperately love to see the design of them applied to more/all of the weaponseses. 😹


o/ =^.^=