Light element 13 star pets

So I want to try some derpy science that may help me and someone else out there in obtaining light based 13 star pets, though I'll need confirmation from SU experts here on this method. Ok, the most straight forward way to get a 13 star pet is through the collection folders. All pets minus rappy can be obtained there. The only caveat is that everything from that folder comes with lightning attribute. So I assume the way would be to get an existing light pet of a lower rarity and rarity-enhance it with the 13 star collection egg. This should maintain the light attribute while adding the 13 star rarity.

Am I correct on this?

Also, related question. If I return a high level pet (lv 110+) into an egg and feed it to another pet, how much exp will this pet get? I ask because it may be easier for me to raise a new light pet rather than buy the element change item needed to fix my existing non-light pets.

Yeah you can evolve a lower rarity light pet to keep it light 13* using any element 13* egg.

@Vashzaron ty for confirming. Just did a quick experiment with a pet I wasn't using and happened exactly that way. Seems I'll be VERY busy with collection folders for awhile....

Why does it seem that light is the rarest pet element anyways?

@Weirdo I can't say it's intentional on the devs part, but light is the element I see recommended in more guides because of bosses and f-spawn. So I wouldn't be surprised if they have a slightly lower drop rate. At least there are plenty of cheap light eggs on the player market, so you can start with those. On the other hand, the one pet I'd see as a challenge to get as light would be rappy, unless those come commonly as that element? Haven't been able to obtain any so far so I don't know much about it.

Oh, also forgot there's also the fact that any "special egg" you get, you can identify it as the element of your choice.

here is another thing to remember, Jinga, Popple and Aero are pretty rare to drop but they can be evolved from Wanda, Sally and Trim so use those as base to evolve then with light element

@Jamesmor Yeah. Never seen a drop of those myself. I have them solely through folder completion.