Pvp Review The Negatives PS2

Limited Combat Option Since The Photon Arts Are Limited ( How about adjusting Some PVe ones into it )

Allowing More Photon Arts On Weapons ( This Would Add A More Diverse Gameplay And Strategy )

More Weapon Types ( Many Of The Class Favourites Weapons are missing in Action )

Losing Weapon Camos And Weapon Designs Only To Be Replaced In Pvp ( Allow Weapon Cameos And Designs From Pve )

Getting 1 Hit Koed By Photon Arts is Anti Fun (How About Higher HP Overall Or Damage Reduction To Certain Photon Arts )

Limited Type Of Game Modes ( Where Are 1 vs 1 Or Rumble free for all ? Or Capture The Flag And Return It Back To Base ?)

Ps2 Like Movement It's Rigid ( Smoother Movement Requested Dark Sols And Monster Hunter World Smooth)

Weapons should be set not randomised ( i would prefer few weapons not randomised selection, as im digging for the weapon i want, crucial time is ticking away as my team mates struggle for victory. )

Sprint Ability Should be available always (Its Necessary To Retreat When Low On HP And Also When Hunting Down Fleeing Opponents. After The Sprint is Used It Should Be On Cooldown For 10 seconds.)

Pvp Battle Items Stun Shot Cure Protect Casting frenzy Should Recover by 1 After a Player kills 2 opponents ( This would allow The Battle items To Be Re Used)

The R2 Dashing Doesnt Cover Enough Ground ( It Should Have A Greater Extension To Evade Effectively Extension meaning 1 meter to 2 meter, most of the time the R2 dash Is n't Enough to Evade The Range of a Hunters great sword And Other Ranged Photon Art)

Players Cannot Attack Back When Being Normal Attacked By Opponent. ( The Player When Being Normal Attacked Should Still Be Able To Normal Attack back As It Makes For a Fair Showdown)

Allowing Block Feature For Weapons ? Since Not All Weapons Can Block This Really Limits The Chance To Reduce Damage. ( While A Player Is Blocking They Would Take Damage At Reduced Damage Numbers And They Would Lose PP with each Attack) The Players Guard Is Broken When Their HP Goes To Zero Or PP. Other Ways to Break The Opponents Guard (Would Be To Use Photon Arts That utilise Grapple photon arts The Hunter)

Parry / Perfect guard Feature For Weapons ? ( Timing The Block From Oncoming Attack And Photon Arts Negates Damage )

Unique Traits For Pvp Weapon in the Loot Shop ( One Unique Feature Pvp Weapons Could Have Is The Ability To Change Their Colour )

During Rank Up Players Should Receive Special Cosmetic Rewards The Higher Their Ranking More nicer Cosmetic

PVp Should Have Its Own Battle Adjustments Not Use A PVe design.

Ps02 has a Better engine than most Other MMos but what it lacks is Good Presentation For It's PVe World And More Options In Its PVp.

Thank you! I'll communicate this to the developers on your behalf.

@GM-Deynger Thanks, I'll Update it with more suggestion should There Be More Areas For The Game.

@GM-Deynger Its Been Updated.