How Necessary is Augmentation?


I've only had the game for a little over 1 month and have just gotten my first character to 79/75. I have enhanced my units and weapons, as well as starting to do the Unit Extension on my units as well. I am now starting to look at augmentation to get the stats I want on my gear. This appears to be a very daunting task to say the least, but how necessary is trying to push your units up into 4+ different augments and digging around trying to find the augmentation factors that you truly want?

I have been running Ultimate Quests when I have the time, and would soon be taking a stab at Extremely Difficulty in those and on Urgent Quests. Is ensuring you have thoroughly augmented your gear truly necessary, or is it something I can take my time to properly learn while playing in the highest difficulty?

Perhaps I should clarify. The bulk of my play is pretty casual. Running expeditions, doing some mining/fishing, goofing off with my family or friends. It's only recently I've been trying out Ultimate Quests and hoping to get into the Extreme Difficulty Urgent Quests. I plan to do some augmentation, but I read about people aiming for like 6-8 augments and I don't want to go for that kind of grind, but I don't want to feel like I have to be carried if I do go into those difficulties.

So if I try to augment say 4 augments, maybe 5, that might not be the hardest to get augments would that still work (like Might IV instead of Noble Might or whatever the high end stuff is), or would I be a huge liability to the group?

so if you want to know you need to do affixes, the simple answer is not you don't, you can do pretty much all the content of PSO2 with any augment that the units and weapon have, now if you want to maximize your damage and things like that then you gonna need to affix your units and weapons, what mostly matters is your build and how you use your class and the augments are there just to fill the gap of that part.

"Huge liability" or fear of being carried because you are not augmenting to 6+ slots is a bit funny to hear when you often see people with sigma weapons in ultimate or Extreme UQs...

Right now I think augmentation is something that can be safely ignored for the most part, just grabbing the best weapon you can and grinding it to max is beyond enough for what we can do right now unless you really want to go further.

Because for example I S ranked Phaleg without caring to touch augments that was on my stuff and do solo Profound Darkness S ranks just fine and it just further solidifies my opinion on me not caring about this stuff at all.

I see. So it's not mandatory to do. So I can work at it at my pace and still join in the Ultimate Quests and Extreme UQ and not worry about making the group fail.

Character in question is a 79/75 Hu/Su, Fury Wire Lance build with Alternate Wired Lance and Enhance Crit Chance rings. Currently I have a Nemesis Lance +35 with Might III, Stam III and Cast III (currently trying to replace these) with 11* units all enhanced to +10 and Extension level 8, 5, 5. Units all have Might II, Stam II. Going for lots of health, hopefully lots of defence and damage. Units are still a work in progress, but currently focusing on augmenting my Nemesis Lance as I feel I will have this weapon for a long time yet.

With this kind of build, I seem to do pretty good in Ultimate Quests and rarely get taken down. So I can continue augmenting at a pace I find acceptable and not feel like I am being carried is what I'm understanding from the replies so far. That is good to know. Perhaps I'll start joining those difficulties more often.

I recommend having at minimum 3 slot gear. Good place to start and fairly easy/cheap to get. Have a couple million meseta on hand because upslotting and affixing can to higher slots gets really expensive.

should I try to do that on 11* units? if I am running Extreme UQ or Ultimate quests what are the odds of getting 12 * units?

Did you do Arks Boost Rally last month? If so, buy Circuray units from the badge shop and start with those. They are (/were) the easiest 12* set to get that is decent.

With ring affixing finally coming, you shouldn't invest in 11* units.


You can get one of the pieces from the "Board" set by spamming the current running limited quest. I dunno how rare it is, but you could try going for that, too.

Yeah convert rising badge 3s into 2 to get Circuray at least.

Getting a 13* weapon and 12* units and getting them (at least the weapon) to their max grind + value is more important than affixes.

Even if you're not affixing now though, once you start getting extra class excubes (when you hit max level you keep gaining XP and periodically some class excubes pop out, which you should spend first on extra skill points but eventually you'll have extras) make sure to spend them at the swap shop in exchange for weapon augmentation passes. You can only buy a certain number each month, so you want to try to clear out the stock as much as you can each month so that when you do start augmenting, you'll have a bunch (they're used to painlessly transfer affixes from one item to another, for when you upgrade weapons/units/etc).

So using an item's Augment Factor isn't as big a deal once you can buy those passes, or do you use both together to make it a lot easier to get the stats you want?

Extremely Necessary

@Frathlir said in How Necessary is Augmentation?:

So using an item's Augment Factor isn't as big a deal once you can buy those passes, or do you use both together to make it a lot easier to get the stats you want?

You wouldn't really use them at the same time. Essentially, you use augment factors and normal affixing to get whatever weapon you want fully affixed (without using passes), and then once you have your amazing 6-8 slot weapon, when you get another better weapon down the line you can just spend passes to move all the affixes over to the new weapon (as long as it has the same or more slots) at the same time at 100% chance.

While you're moving augments via augment passes you can still add abilities during the process (via Add Affix items like noble might/etc) but those are just marketboard items, so you can't add augment factors that way.

Advice from me, a bad casual, to OP, a good casual. For good survivavility and decent damage, you should at least get pre-fab gear from either badge shops or player shops with 4+ affixes. Those are not THAT expensive. Two things, make sure the affixes are of course, relevant to your class and play style, and do grind your gear as much as you can. Lastly, the less you invest in affixes, the more you will have to make up for it in other departments, like proper class skill allocation and your own skills at dishing and avoiding damage. This is especially important on everything above SH and the current solo bosses.

Right now, my advice is as follows:

If you can afford it, get Brissa units. They're one of the most accessable unit sets that will be useful for some time. If you have the capacity to get Circuray units, Zeinesis, Whiteal, or the clifard units, use those.

As far as your weapon is concerned, 13* weapons are nice to have. Really, any of them are good weapons, but you'll do a party more of a favor by learning how to fight with your weapons, than equipping "best in slot." Learning when to dodge, or block, and when to DPS-- learning the bosses attack patterns are far more important than any of that. A ground up Sigma series weapon to +35 and a keen understanding of the boss and level are far more valuable than a few extra points of damage.

That said, that recommendation does come with a few caveats:

  • Firstly on the list of 13* easily found weapons are the Unique weapon's badge weapons. There's nothing really to write home about on these weapons beyond the fact that they're 13 star weapons. Note: If you're a bouncer main there isn't an option here for Jet boots-- but, you get these for taking down rappies on a high interval.

  • Right now in game There is a limited quest called "SP Breakthrough Training: EP 1-4" going on that has a high chance to drop a 13* weapon series known as the Fornis Series. Because of this, they are insanely inexpensive, selling (On ship 1) in the 100-300k price range.

  • Next in line are the Homura series and the Ray Series weapons. By talking to Badge & Memory Exchanger Nanon, you can trade in Rising Weapon Badge 2's for Ray weapons, and 3s' for the Homura series weapons.

  • What's more, there is a collection folder from Equipment officer Prin that can allow you to get a guaranteed Revolsio weapon for free, and of the type you need/want after you do a handful of quests, and loot some stuff.

All of these weapons, (specifically) The Ray, Homura, Revolsio and Fornis series weapons are great to good 13* weapons, that don't need to be affixed right now, and are on the inexpensive side of cost.