Threat level not going up in groups.

so i did a floating facility SH as a group and i maxed threat but when completed it my threat only increased by 1. Now when i did VH solo maxed it stayed at 50. Does maxing the threat only work while solo?

no the threat level caps at 50 and raises by 1 every time you finish it.

@Jamesmor so adding 50 caps in SH wont keep it at +50? That sucks. So you have to run it 50 times thats 500 caps lol

@Vodkanakas no the threat when reaches 50 will stay at 50 and won't grow anymore

It should be noted only the Party Leader's threat matters.

Were you the party leader for the SH? Because the party leader is the one that increases the threat by throwing in extra capsules, they're the only one who gets the +50, all the other members who only put in the token 1 capsule only get +1, afaik.

Party with +0 threat. Leader throws in 50 caps. AQ is +50 threat for party. Finished AQ. Leader: +50. Rest of Party: +1. Leader also gets titles. Makes sense now?