Anyway to reduce loading time on Xbox one X

@Albedo yes, the new Xbox Series consoles will have SSD's (S is 512GB while X is 1TB), but be wary: storage expansion for these games will be expensive. Right now, a 1TB expansion card costs $220, so please keep that in mind. You can use an external hard drive/SSD via USB but those are for Xbox/360/One games and because PSO2 is an Xbox One game, it's gonna fit in that drive without issue. @Zonk thanks for the find! I thought it was impossible to do so.


That price is if you want their patented ssd which is guaranteed to be the most current available version of ssd's.

You can take any external HD/SSD as long as theyre not mega old and use it. The problem regardless of what you get externally is that the games have to be played on the internal if they have any series enhancements.

So at best you're just buying an expensive external purely for faster data swap times for what goes to internal.

That's what I said, but yeah, it's a viable option at the very least.

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I think is possible if you change to performance mode, PSO2 loading times are affected by framerate that's why if you have a huge fps the loading time is pretty short

how you change to performance mode as i have not seen anything in xbox one x settings ore in game settings for this.

@ShadowBlood89 I don't know how because I don't have a Xbox so you gonna need to ask to someone who has one

@Zonk =.= im not stupid thus why i asked if it wasn in game setting or on xbox setting. i already googled up how to put xbox one x into performance mode an guess what 😮 alot of the search results are info on a xbox one x not how to put into performance mode. Learn to read

@ShadowBlood89 Must be error 40 then

it is working flawlessly for every "Xbox One X Enhanced" labeled Game (which are the only ones which have those options, if the Dev decided to implement it)


Witcher III Example a495bde3-eb82-4288-ac58-a44a6c65be41-grafik.png