Anyway to reduce loading time on Xbox one X

This seems to be an Xbox thing for some reason, I have another person in my alliance that sometimes plays on Xbox and they have the same loading time as me. Yet when they switch to PC they get near instant loading times. I main force and it makes it so hard to maintain buffs on the party during runs like episode training, where you are constantly swapping blocks.

I don’t have the sameness range as a techter, so I need to catch everyone when they are grouped, like coming out of a loading zone, but cause of the delay, everyone has already spread out, and the enemies are already doing their attacks which makes it harder to buff as you can get interrupted very easily. It’s really frustrating cause this is an 8 year old game, and the one X runs games with far more demanding graphics than this game with no issue, and faster loading times, and I’m costing the party so much dps, cause I can’t get through the loading screens fast enough

I think is possible if you change to performance mode, PSO2 loading times are affected by framerate that's why if you have a huge fps the loading time is pretty short

@Jamesmor said in Anyway to reduce loading time on Xbox one X:

I think is possible if you change to performance mode, PSO2 loading times are affected by framerate that's why if you have a huge fps the loading time is pretty short

Thanks I’ll give it a shot

@TEN-SQUARE-3 I feel like load times are getting progressively worse with each update on Xbox.

Not sure if you are able to swap the Xbox hard drive to a SSD. If u can it will help with load time trmemdously.

i heard some rumor, that the Xbox and its PC Version both have higher loading times (^in addition that its tied to FPS), compared to the Steam Version, due to its Xbox Service (like Xbox Friendslist etc) needs to be loaded too

I never noticed any difference in loading between MS Store and Steam. As for the xbox, I never had one of those, but if they can be changed to SSD, then definitely go for that.

@ZorokiHanuke if you want to notice a loading difference then put the game in 60 fps

@Jamesmor I've never run this game in less than 60 fps mode. Maybe the differences were there and I just didn't notice. Gotta check later if I still have the MS store version buried in this PC to re-check. Been using Steam since I was able to.

@ZorokiHanuke both versions run the same way, if you cap then at 60fps the loading times will go higher then leaving then unlimited

@Jamesmor Guess I'll have to try that too. Still, I heavily advice people to switch to SSDs for gaming if they can. Makes games load much faster, and in the case of games with progressive loading, the experience will be smoother. hopefully the XB1 can be switched to SSD as well?

Unfortunately, you cannot swap the Xbox One hard drive into an SSD. It's practically impossible compared to the PS4, which you CAN.

@ImperialOdin217 I just checked some online articles, and apparently, while you cannot install an SSD inside the console, an external SSD can do the job, and while I assume it won't be millisecond per millisecond as fast as a direct connection (due to losses from transferring using USB3 instead of SATA), by now, everything is heaps faster than a stock 5400 rpm drive. The options seem to be either a full fledged external SSD, or getting a SATA enclosure and drop a drive of your preference there. The caveat is that it will occupy a USB slot, plus having that extra dongle next to the console.

That sucks that you can't install a SSD directly into a xbox :(. Other option is to wait for the new xbox and I believe that system should be SSD.

You are able to switch the HDD to a SSD quiet easily, when you're comfortable with building a PC from scratch.

All you need is your Xbox one X/S, a PC(make sure you have a spare SATA Data+Power cable and MB slot or have a USB SATA Adapter), and a "new" SSD +

Short Version:

Tear down your Console until access to the HDD, swap in the SSD and get everything back together. Start the Console -> "offline System Update via USB Stick (see the link above)