The stars have literally aligned for the launch

@VxAtlasxV5239 said in The stars have literally aligned for the launch:

@GM-Deynger Pso lore :

The real world :

The prophecy is complete the stars have aligned lol for the rarest launch in human history

Someone m ake this a # prophecy lol

Interesting. Haha, I had no idea. Will have to message the Devs.

@GM-Deynger I like your neat purple background fill in "PSO2 Staff" now

Yeah, trying that out for a while. Don't want to mess up the theme colors too much by changing our name text colors.


The newly found supermassive black hole – called PSO J030947.49+271757.31 – is the most distant blazar ever observed, researchers say.

Pso lol

@VxAtlasxV5239 The numbers, Mason. What do they mean?

@VxAtlasxV5239 Sorry I don't speak emoji.