Phrase Weak

Hi all, because there will be an augment week next week, i'm trying to augment my bow.

As a bow user or in general, is phrase weak a good augment? or is it better to just slap another augment like precision 4 to replace it?

Let's say for argument that you have 3200 ranged power and you are deciding if you want phrase weak or a +40 ranged power (just highballing here). The ranged power augment would then give you 1.25% more damage at all times. And phrase weak gives 2% more power to you on the condition that the enemy is weak to your element which is most likely light.

Now, where would you notice this change most? Against bosses. Currently the bosses are PD (weak to light) Deus Escas (weak to light) and the limited quest which has half the enemies weak to light and all the end bosses are weak to it.

So is it any good? I would say so. Just remember that you are trying to look at it as a trade off. If your Ranged power is already stronger than that, it becomes more useful and if the option on the slot isn't as big it also becomes better to use phrase weak.

Oh and nothing is stopping you from having multiple Fornis bows for other elements. In fact that's pretty wise

thanks for replying!

so far my goal for the affixing are as follow :

Astral Soul Arks Max Flict Tyro Sentence Precision Noble Precision ???

For the ???, i'm torn between getting a Mastery III or Phrase Weak because Mastery III seems nice but the damage boost for elemental from the Phrase Weak is good too. any suggestion about what i should put on that last slot?

Out of everything ARKS MAX seems the weakest. +25 ranged on your weapon (it gives +25 melee and +25 tech too) is less than +35 from precision IV. Keep in mind you aren't affixing a unit but rather a weapon and you won't be using melee power with a bow.

The only benefit from mastery III is the enhanced defences it gives but these are still rather poor. It doesn't even give health. If you want more defences I would suggest Stamina III (or higher) and if you want more offence I would strongly recommend Phrase weak if you have access to it. Not only because these are more effective at their task but also because it is much cheaper to affix (You would need 3 weapons with mastery III versus only 1 with phrase weak or the common stamina III)

Viola's giving great answers and I just wanted to add that you can get Precision 5 SAFs now from the Sieger (sp?) weapon series. These were pretty cheap when Yamato launched but I haven't checked in awhile.

That's a good point!! i totally forgot that weapons didn't need plusing in other power stats. i just chose it because there are tons of expensive weapons that have it lol. and also i totally missed that some of the yamato weapons have precision V because i only joined the game when yamato is already went halfway, but thanks for the heads up!

Also Flict tyro: Infinite Corundum (50 photon boosters)

will save you 3 affix weapons you will have to buy on the market worth 12 million on ship 3.

oh i took the Flict Tyro from the augment factor from the weapon that you can trade using the Astracites in the exchanger.