I'm using the steam version of the game I purchased 1000 AC and 500 AC to buy a premium pass. When I logged on to buy the pass I was greeted with an extra 1000 AC on my account making my total balance 2500 AC. I though to myself, "Cool the game bugged out in my favor I guess?". I then proceeded to buy my pass, but I also saw there is a half off scratch ticket deal so I added that to my cart too. When I went to spend my AC I received an error and my items were not given to me. I tried this one more time then logged out and logged back in. This time I had 1300 AC and I was charged for 2 half off scratches (that I did not receive and are not in my inventory or storage) and no premium pass. So now im down 200AC without enough to buy premium and I didn't even get the 2 scratches the game charged me for. I sent a support ticket but I doubt it'll ever get a response based off these forum posts, so I'm hoping someone will please help me. I don't want to spend more money on this game right now and I'm pretty upset that I just wasted money on nothing here.