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Dps, and potency are different thing. Just because a skill has a low potency doesn't mean it has a lower dps.

I was listing DPS numbers not potency.

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@Cathy The list is incorrect and missing information then.

It's not though you can replicating these numbers by doing the math yourself.

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so if I hit 272,000 with megid in 1 second, it has 1063 dps?

You calculate DPS like this: Power notation / (Charge time + Cast time) * 60.

In case of Megid it's "1594 / (60 + 30) * 60 = 1068"

Damage multipliers & Stats which inflate the final damage are irrelevant for the DPS calculation

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@T-R-A-S-H I'd rather you stop derailing this thread. I play on JP so whatever comparison you wanna make would be unfair against you.

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ah, I love support class, but playing techter is just... sacrificing too much. You know what I mean

Dw that feeling will only grow larger the more Scion classes release.

I might also throw in the Idea of making Shifta Strike scale depending on what type of content you are running.

  • 12 man content - 10%
  • 8 man content - 15%
  • 4 man content - 25%
  • Solo content - 30% ~ 50%

With how the Wand-Etoile plays and what the Force looks like in New Genesis so far I have the heavy impression that the Wand aspect of the Etoile is what a lot of people probably would have wished for more melee-oriented "Force" to play like.

I do not disagree with your suggestions because I feel that a lot of the game's mechanics that we have really should have been baked into remappable (or at least easily accessible menus). The game I will reference quickly for this is how Warframe handles both its Gear Menu and "Power Menu" where pressing the Gear Menu opens up a very quick ring menu that you can scroll/spin through to get the item you want and to pick it or how the Power Menu lets you hold a menu open to use your abilities in. My bias is towards Dragon's Dogma (and Dragon's Dogma Online) so my controls on Steam Input are setup to have R1 open my "back palette" for weapons and L1 is unmapped so I can access my subpalette.

However, even with things like the Photon Blast and Dark Blast in play or when you have stances in play I dislike that you have to juggle between subpalettes for those or that on a keyboard you would have to reach from 6-0 for those. To me the ideal solution would have been to put these particular skills into a remappable key or menu like how the Dark Blasts currently are (but imagine being able to access your Photon Blast/Dark Blast on controller if you press both L3 and R3 together or something along those lines). I can definitely imagine you can do something similar to prepare a Compound Technique or the Complex Photon Arts so that you can have your subpalette free for all the techniques/photon arts/items you would want.

I am split on how the Talis works because I personally prefer the way the Hero uses it (which I feel should have been the way the Talis was used with the ability to use techniques as well) and I feel like my favorite wand (the Lavis Cannon) has the best feel for how the normal wand gameplay works. It is puzzling to me that the Techer has so much potential for what you can do with it since it is a subclass-reliant class due to how little it has (or at least how impractical a lot of its main class skills are in the context of the game).

With that said, I do not really feel I can contribute too much more than what was already made other than that I agree that the "active" skills we have for the Techer really should have either been innately automatic and that we can get cleaner subpalettes without having to swap around and pick up the techniques and attacks we want. I have been trying to become more "serious" as a Techer and have the unfortunate mess of having six subpalettes in use because one is dedicated purely to "easy access" setups on the Techer's active skills because you can't start a fight like the Phaleg fight with the Wand Lovers active unless you just failed and are trying again (and if I do get that I typically am already in the midst of combat and don't want to fuss with my subpalettes too much when I'm dodging and blocking). Beyond that I am still trying to figure out the "ideal" subpalette and main palette layout because I am left unable to utilize most techniques because Ilgrants, Grants, Remegid Type-0, Nabarta Type-0, Resta, Shifta, Deband, and Zanverse are all staples that I always have access to split between both the main palette and the subpalettes.

@VanillaLucia Oh yeah absolutely. The most fun i had with Techter is when i used Steam Input to make Button Combinations and a Weapon wheel since PSO2 doesn't natively support any of these.

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A lot of Bloat could also easily be fixed with just making Jet Boots bouncer styled weapon action in order to map multiple actions onto a single button. Etoile's Weapon action for example is a Zero Nabarta & AoE Heavy Hammer in one but instead on TE those are 2 separate buttons and charging up Heavy Hammer doesnt even give us protection while Zero Nabarta just eats through our PP like crazy instead of consuming Focus Meter like Etoile. I think You can already see Wand gameplay in the distance in the NGS trailer and it really looks like NGS Te might be just Etoile but with Technique access and them playing exactly like Force's Techniques.

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