♤Unknown Exilez [Ship 02]

[XBOX ONE] ♤Welcome to Unknown Exilez♤

"Who"we are? : We are a group of dedicated PSO2 Xbox One players. We have been togther since PSO2 Beta Our current members are skillful and supportive teamates in all game types. Our goal is to become one of the best Alliances on PSO2 Xbox One platform. We play to WIN !

====================================== Requirements to join

♤Must have Headset ♤ Must be Active ♤ Must be 16+ ♤ Must be able to join our Clan Discord ♤must be levl 50+

===================================== Things we offer

♤A friendly Discord ♤ Affixing consulting ♤ help with Skill tree ♤ boosts from Alliance Tree ♤ Someone to do Weeklies and Daily's with ♤ Help Hunt Rares or farming Materials you need

====================================== "Why"you should join? If you want a group of dedicated dependable teamates for PSO2 And a Chill and fun group of Clan Mates then this is for you.

How do I join???

  1. Join via Discord link


Msg me for invite on XBL Codebreaker v1 or drop your GT for Alliance invite

Secure your spot today!

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